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  1. house_atraides

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    *some to myself, some to friends, some to lovers*

    Remember tony, that night in the parking lots
    Feet up, a smile on your face, the cigarette in your mouth
    The flask she gave you so long ago
    I have life beat this time, no more sadness
    Soon it all ended but remember tony, that's all you hear
    Remember that night we sat on your porch and watched it rained
    When we abused so many drugs, but stayed up all night, no recourse, no regret
    Remember the yellow night, the suns hits the night, the sun didn't want sleep
    The summer was so beautiful, raining and you pulled up in my driveway
    I cried when I knew you were leaving, you left with me that day
    Remember the promises you made me, friends forever, we could fall into it
    Several days you fell without me, never said goodbye
    Remember that winter night, we hid the beer in a sled, laughing poured
    Like a stream of wine, purple and hazed from time
    You became a victim, to far to be saved, drugs claimed you
    We had the same name, I went to your funeral
    I visited your grave my friend, I won't let you down
    I won't forget you
    This will stop one day, I promise
  2. total eclipse

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    I am so sorry you lost your friend to substances i hope you have some help to deal with your loss hugs
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