The Pattern

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    The rage consumes me
    and eats me alive,
    acid where once was a soul,
    darkness fills the hollow,
    the blinding void
    in my aching core.

    I can see the torturous Pattern,
    and that was a mistake--
    I peered behind the veil,
    perceived things I shouldn't,
    secrets kept from mortals
    by capricious fate.

    No one has eyes to see
    nor ears to hear,
    when I explain it is gibberish,
    because they cannot pierce
    the misty curtain.

    They all leave, one by one,
    by one means or another--
    one of the guiding clues
    to know the Pattern is real
    and that I'm not simply mad
    and howling at the moon.

    Go, get away from me, then!
    Leave me to my fate! Get out!
    Your words mean nothing to me--
    there is only hatred
    and despair,
    twined in unholy unison.

    I would rip at my flesh,
    tear skin from bone,
    dash my head into the wall
    if I could free myself
    from this void
    that locks me into the weave
    of the tapestry of life.

    We are born into the world,
    and dying from birth,
    limited to trees of probability
    that are locked by the Pattern,
    but no more.

    Don't look for me.
    I won't be there,
    the Pattern is locked
    and the game is rigged.

    The only way to win
    is to cheat,
    and the only way to cheat
    is to not play the game,
    and the only way
    to not play the game is...
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.