The people I live with make me want to scream

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    I moved in with these people at the end of July because it was either this or be homeless. They've been obnoxious since day 1 but I dealt with it because I had no choice. Now I have to move out in 2 1/2 weeks because of some drama that never even happened and yet they still continue to annoy me. Mind you, these are adults in their 50's and I'm 24.

    They act all high and mighty on religion yet I know for a fact they've talked behind my back to my neighbor and keep hinting that I'm sleeping with this one guy friend of mine. Then... in true high school fashion they'll ask how he is. mature? No.

    And I'm moving out in a few weeks yet they still want to have these meetings where they basically blast me for things they feel I do wrong and it feels like they're attacking me at the same time. I'm moving out soon, let everything go.

    I found their list for the meeting they want to have this week. Topics for the meeting are things like I left for a weekend and left my tiny dog in my room on his own. My cousins told me they do it all the time when they need to go out of town and I didn't have a way home so I knew my dog would be fine. I left tons of food, water, and puppy pads. They want to complain about it for what reason? He was fine. And when I go to someone's house to try to make money by doing odd jobs I put my dog in his crate. They complain that he's in there for 8+ hours. Hello.... people with jobs have dogs in crates just fine. It's just annoying.

    They expect me to move out on a certain date but when I can't babysit their kid they're always calling me and stuff. I babysit in exchange for rent, yes, but I also need to try to find a new place to live thanks.

    They keep trying to get me to go to church and pray, etc. NO thanks... esp not with you people.

    And they want to complain about the occasional mess in my room. If you didn't go into my room you wouldn't have to see the occasional mess. That's my private space.

    So yeah I needed to vent. These may seem stupid and quite frankly they are. These people are super obnoxious and although trying to find a new place to live is stressful, esp cause I might just be homeless, living with these people isn't that much fun.

    Oh and today I was at a relatives and they couldn't get a hold of me so they call my mom, who I barely talk to and who obviously isn't tied to my life really, and asked her where i was and if I could babysit today. wtf?! That's crossing a line.

    Thanks for listening to my vent.
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    Wow. These people are treating you like their child. You are a grown man, they have no business going into your room, having you at their beck and call and making up lies about you. You babysit in exchange for staying there, that should be more than enough considering the price of day care. Tell them to stuff it, call any friend, relative even go to your mom, anywhere but these people... you don't have to put up with that :arms:
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    I agree whole heartedly.. I am being treated like a child. and I'm a grown woman ;)

    And I have to move out in 2 weeks anyways over some ridiculous incident, posted it elsewhere lol. Not sure where i'm moving to but I'm gonna be happier at the same time I think.

    The lady just talked to me and said we're having a meeting tonight, how exciting. So they can attack me some more and treat me like a child. This isn't how roommate situations are supposed to work.