The Perplexity of Sorrow (replies welcome)

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    Something I wish my father taught me is the ability to cry. To let it all out and to let me know it is okay. Instead, I was taught to "man up" and "boys don't cry". The fact that society attributes crying with weakness is pretty sad. My life is moving extremely fast. I have been given huge opportunities in my career path, but I feel overwhelmed. My mind continues to race randomly and I just want to clear my head. My parents believe that I am selfish. I tried to explain that there is something that isn't right about me, but they insist that no child of theirs is suffering from any form of depression or anxiety. Sometimes so many thoughts are going through my mind at once, that I can't speak. I feel like I'm self-destructing and just wish I were normal. This can't be normal. My professional career is kept completely apart from my internal struggles, but I don't know how long it will last. I just want to have a clear mind, to be able to give my gift to the world fully, and to spread love like a wildfire. I want to give my all to the world and help us come closer to achieving world peace. I believe in love. I believe love is the question and answer to everything. I know, I sound crazy for saying that, but I believe there can be peace on earth, but it all starts within. It's the internal struggle I'm dealing with. I feel like dying sometimes. I just want the pain and the thoughts to go away. I know once I get through this, I will be able to live my life fully. But damn, it is really hard lol
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    Having a mind that is running away with itself can be a hard thing to deal with especially if it's bring up a lot of crappy ideas (as minds tend to do). There are techniques for stopping the 'monkey mind' which are really worth looking into and practicing. An idea that I found really simple and helpful was being aware of the space between thoughts and expanding it. If you're mind is racing then that space is probably pretty thin but if you ask yourself what is the next thought I am going to have and then wait for it...

    I find that being in a natural setting very helpful for stilling the mind as it generally finds less things to judge and label.
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    Hey buddy, good to hear from you

    Are you seeing a therapist or any kind of mental health professional? Maybe you should think about it, given all of these problems you are having? Don't worry about what your parents think, you are an expert on you. If you feel like you need help then go get some, to hell what anyone else thinks.

    You sound like your a very independent person which is great. You seem to have a lot of positive ideas and a very positive world view; but your thoughts are racing and it is overwhelming you. I used to have that same problem and I solved by repeating something stupid in my head over and over again until it stopped. "Like water is wet, the sky is blue and the grass is green" I am sure you could google "racing thoughts self help" and come back with a ton of responses and just try to find one that works best for you.

    Take Care of Yourself
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    I head back to college in a couple weeks. I usually go to the counsellors there, but I really want to figure out what's wrong with me.
    P.s. - Your "water is wet/sky is blue" suggestion actually worked today.
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    I've been hearing a lot about the "monkey brain" and have been interested in those practices. I'm assuming it has to do with meditation. I've always noticed several people who have found peace within themselves through meditation. I've tried meditating, but I've never been consistent. Maybe I should try to set a goal.
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    That sounds like a wonderful idea