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The philosophy of "going green"

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Friend, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Friend

    Friend Well-Known Member

    Here's something which I heard recently during an interview with William Stewart about overpopulation and peak oil, and why people might have to go back to the old village style in order to survive the coming times. I liked it so much that I wrote it down word-for-word:

    "Sometimes it comes in a dream, and sometimes, in one more newspaper headline, and then you know, with your cells, your past and your future, you know, we are killing it all, and soon it will all be dead. We are here at the death of the world, killers, witnesses, and those who will die, how then shall we live? Probably good to tell the truth as much as possible. Truth is generally appreciated by terminal patients, and we all are. I mean it has been rather great, sunsets, oceans, some art, some moments between beings, smells and fresh mornings, as we kill it all by dominant habits, too huge to stop, we can thank it for the good times and say sorry by changing our own participation in the dominance stuff in some profound way. Doing this kind of change will involve confusion, embarassment, and awareness of activities and attitudes you had not been conscious of, doing this kind of change will involve increased aliveness for you personally, a fine thing to bring to a dying planet."
    ---Anne Herbert

    And if you're interested in seeing the 22-minute interview:


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