The Pope is an example of how out of touch religion is.

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    The Pope's visit to the UK has already been surrounded with controversy; the huge cost to the tax payer, no apology to those abused by priests, a continued stance against contraception, the denouncement of Homosexuality etc etc. One of his aides compared landing at Heathrow was like entering a thirld world country (how would he know, has he actually witnessed the squalid ghetto's that catholics live in countries such as the Philipines). Now the Pope has compared atheism in the UK to Nazi Germany!!!! this coming from a member of the Hitler Youth. This ord fart who presides over a dwindling number of the faithful, who is extremely wealthy yet the majority of catholics are poor really has shown how out of touch the church is.

    Fuck off back to your ivory towers and shove your bible up your catholic priest sodomised arse.

    To all readers, feel free to slag of my views. Like I really care!
  2. Prof.Bruttenholm

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    I agree with your statement, to a degree.
    I feel most religious leaders are out of touch.

    Only those like the Dali Llama have an understanding of true suffering and prosperity in the world.
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    I'm shocked. But this is more a thread for the Soap Box.
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    well... considering that it took until the year 1992 for the vatican to finally admit that the Earth evolves around the Sun and not the other way around... the Pope seems to be hundreds of years behind on his apologies. I wouldn't be expecting any formal apologies or addressing of child or adult abuse by priests for another 300 years or so~
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    I've given up expecting anything from those people.
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    another thing, if catholics denounce homosexuality - why are there openly homosexual catholic priests?
  7. Axiom

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    He compared athiesm to the Nazi party? Oh if you have any links on that i would really like to read them.

    *edit* found it. ... What a fool. He needs to be more diplomatic with their stances.
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    There is a difference between true religion and whatever those crazy religious leaders do or say.

    If you look at the heart of the messages of most religions, it is to be a good person, love one another, respect the planet.
    But so many people use religion as ways to control, to insight violence, and basically ruin that religion.
    Look what has happened to the world view on Islam thanks to Al Quaeda and their radical enforcement of religious law.
    Or the view of Catholicism thanks to the church's constant cover ups of abuse, scandal and even things we'll never hear about.
  9. Viro

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    I feel like a terrible person, but he needs to die and be replaced with someone who's only delusional, as opposed to delusional and hateful.
  10. PiecesMended

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    The pope, what a douche, no offence, just my opinion. Though about the whole apologising thing. I mean I know it was fucking horrible but apologizing won't make it better. Mind you hearing sorry from the pope would make someone who's still catholic feel better... i mainly don't like him visiting because all the homophobes come out (pun intended) when he does anything. Can't stand homophobes.
    Yeah I agree. I can't even count the number of times I've rowed with my Dad because he is so anti-Islam at the moment because of the media hype and misreporting.
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    Okay, that is something I was not expecting, clicking on that link.
  13. nolonger

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    What's in the link? I'm just asking because I don't want to be reading something that's extremely offensive, considering it's from the Vatican.
  14. Viro

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    None of their usual bullshit. Money laundering.