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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by jenniferelaine, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. jenniferelaine

    jenniferelaine Well-Known Member

    So I've decided a good way to spend my evening is going to be writing out a "document". Not a suicide note, but basically a will/living will, "What do you do when I die" kind of thing. What I want done with my remains, what I want done with my stuff, outstanding debts that I have, internet forums I frequent, etc.

    So I kind of have it broken up in chunks..

    1) "Whoops..I'm not dead" (the living will section)

    2) "Yup, dead" (The Will section)

    3) "Don't forget to feed the cats!" (Practical stuff)

    Trying to think of what I"m forgetting...
  2. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Writings good, its when you put things into action is when you have problems. But if writing what works then write as much as ya can :)
  3. jenniferelaine

    jenniferelaine Well-Known Member

    Oh it wasn't making the "I wanna" part of it go away. It's more "I have a lot of crap, and I want to make sure my organs are donated, and I'm cremated."

    My grandpa's death a month ago was pretty easy in that we knew it was coming (cancer). Nothing was planned out in advance...but some of the things were a given, and we were all *really* prepared for it. And my grandma was scarily efficient.
  4. Schannah

    Schannah Member

    Are you going to leave a note? I promised my other half that I would write him a book. This was in one of those rare times when evaluating my own thoughts didn't make me want to drive cutlery into my legs. I am regretting this promise now, since I'd be a bitch for killing myself, but even more of a bitch for reneging on the one promise I made. Epic fail.

    Still, I think notes can be worthwhile.
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