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Ideas & Opinions The practicalities of being safe is making me short-tempered with family...


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I live with my retired parents and older sister. I am 47 years old and worked full-time throughout the 'lock-down' here in the UK. As such I am also the one that does the shopping - online deliveries have been difficult to get hold of. Part of me is fine with that, but my goodness I get annoyed when I come home and most of the food is already gone. It's really grating me. I am trying to do what I can to make things easier, but I find myself snapping at everyone especially if it was something I was looking forward to have. Any ideas on how not to behave like a stroppy teenager and be more patient? (My sister doesn't work and has her own issues. We don't get on, at all)
Sorry that this is happening.

If family members won't abide by an agreement to leave a certain amount of food for you, you could get a locked box to store food and put it in the fridge, if there's room


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Please don't feel ashamed!! There's nothing wrong with what you posted. It's disrespectful of them not to leave you some of the things you really like. Have you asked them to leave you some? If you have and they still don't, I'd go with the lockbox idea.


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Thank you both, I was feeling really fed up with it so blew my top at my mum on Tues. Problem was I had booked 2 days off work (tues and wed) and was planning to get myself organised domestically - tidying up my room/ bathroom, my washing loads etc. I'd been food shopping on Mon after work for everyone, but by Tues eve most of the 'good stuff' was gone so I spent the rest of my leave sulking like a brat *nono lol
I don't begrudge my parents, but it p!$$es me off when mum makes excuses for the sister - who either eats through the shopping in a matter of days or batch cooks for herself. Mum and Dad are def getting frail of late, so I do what needs to be done and am pretty much the designated driver (mum can't drive anymore, dad (retired) is used to me being driver and sister is no longer allowed access to either cars). When I cook the evening meal I will do it for 4, otherwise it upsets them that she might go hungry. As if!!!! She batch cooks /bakes (for herself) and always does 2-3 loads of her washing a WEEK (wth??? She doesn't leave the house) and NEVER misses a meal. Please, please don't tell me she has 'problems' - everyone, and I mean everyone (medical and otherwise)) has seen her and they all say the same. She is fine. Ha! Try living in the same house - that's when people show their true colours, good or bad.
Rant over - phew!
Plan of action - learn to manage my 'hissy fits' so I don't upset mum and dad. But, how the hell do I block the cow out, though?*dunno2
Again, thank you for listening *hugx

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