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    is a fucking bitch and I HATE how she thinks she understands but she doesnt. she has it all wrong and she has no idea and wont even listen to me. she's so fucking condescending just because she's the adult and i'm the kid and so because i'm a kid and i'm not fucking 18 i have no fucking say in any fucking thing at all, because lets face it - i'm fucking incapable of thinking for my fucking self.

    how the hell is threatening to suspend me going to help anything? it freaking wont but of course i cant say anything about it and neither can my teachers, who - i might add, know me about a thousand times better than you do. suspending me for cutting isnt going to do fucking anything but make me want to cut more. fuck sake i WAS in a good mood before you dragged me into your office and exploded at me.

    just bah.... urrrgh i hate it. you'd better not tell my parents about it either. if you do i swear i'll find a way to... grrr i dont know. just dont you fucking dare to do it.
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    I don't think it's even legal for her to suspend you for cutting, TDM. Don't let her get to you, face. :hug: And I definitely understand the adult/kid shit. I'm here if you need anything.