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  1. Percarus

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    So I still have the amazing looks, I have the excellent credentials, but I am 34 next month and still struggling financially because I am overqualified. But that is not even a problem, the problem is I got old alone... Ever since the age of four I began to see life differently, that is, I could not envisage a marital life any other way than the means through polygyny. I desire to marry two women, I am plausibly the only man in Australia with consent from the Vatican and Anglican priests to have such a wedding, their condition being that the wives would have to love each other just as much as me – a three way marriage. Throughout life I only sought to date bisexual women and I have been persecuted for this by both the straight and gay community on so many levels. Unfortunately I never found someone I would be capable of dating that happened to be single and not overly promiscuous.

    I do not understand, I bear resemblance to Elvis, I am a charismatic bloke, I am intelligent and an Altruist, but so far in life the women I have stumbled across have treated me as little more than trash. I get very depressed about this and did not want to die a celibate man. I have standards, as do we all, and the hardest thing is breaking the ice in public and conversation itself is not hard. But I find it so hard to find someone adaptable to my needs, interests, and hobbies as well as someone who is in tune with their sense of identity who mayhap keeps a diary also. Life certainly passes you fast; I sure have missed a couple of opportunities in life but these things you only learn with age. What is a man with a sexual inclination like me supposed to do? 14 years of using dating networks and I have only received seven bisexual female chat requests; none of the women I was even slightly attracted to. To me sex means the world, it has been for a lifetime, yet I do not know how I manage to control my urges. Polygyny to me is about an union of souls, and it is about a more stable marital life with more additional sources of income and a better feasibility to raise a large family. This may sound funny to some but I can guarantee you it ain’t as I suffer immensely in silence.
  2. pancake111

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    I think your problem is your looking for people in through a very narrow lens. The thing that stuck out to me the most was: "But I find it so hard to find someone adaptable to my needs, interest, and hobbies" You're with someone because they already have these things in common or they already like these things about you. I think you're dating for a concept instead of for a person. Do you get what I'm saying?
  3. Percarus

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    I don't get what you are saying at all... I think you misunderstand what I am saying that is all. I have troubles meeting women, and yes looks amount to something and this is a fact for anyone. I am miserable and I see no way out - my sleep has been severely affected. I am not hunting for a concept, I am what I am and I know what I want, just like you or anyone else. Women in my city are very discriminative on age and wealth, and there are various other factors that I abstained from mention on my post. I don't know why I bother here in this site, it is just like anywhere else.
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    I'm sorry but I cannot see how both the Vatican and Anglican priests are able to "bend the rules" to accommodate your desires when they profess to be teachers of Biblical revelation hun
  5. Percarus

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    It is nothing about ‘bending’ rules... Polygyny has always been approved in various segments within the bible, ie:

    This is a personal story, and one I may be willing to divulge here as it is sort of private... My grandma was involved in a motorcycle accident, and coincidentally I had many mishaps occurring with me in life. I decide to go to a renowned local Catholic church and on the way I stop by an internet station to type an articulate, quick, long letter addressed to the Vatican, the Pope himself in fact (and yes, the Pope actually read it). In it I actually talked a bit about my life and the ails that my grandma went thorough and the fact she loves the pope as she is a devout Catholic living in the Amazon upper region. Oh yeah, did I mention I am an altruist (not to be confused with ‘pure altruism’) and always have been? Well, I made no mention of that in the letter but in the confession booth where I passed my letter to the priest I did divulge some extraordinary things (not mentioned here). The letter itself (I found later) was passed straight to the highest order in the Vatican and within not too long my grandma receives two personally addressed letters from (you guessed it) someone in authority, one in Latin and the other in Portuguese. Fact is I didn’t even give them my grandma’s address. Anyway, many other things happened in between that were unmentioned to any priests, some in specific can be found in the following links:

    I have to add I am not a stupid individual, I know the difference between what is real or not and I am very philosophically, spiritually, and scientifically enlightened. Anyway, the next thing I know Anglican priests approach me (and I know not how they heard about me) and informed me they would legalize a three way marriage with me and two other women given the conditions previously stated. Oh, and apparently I had received ‘blessings’ from the Vatican. In Anglicanism, it was made apparent to me, is that a suitable diocese had been found that would approve of such a marriage. Legal matters pertaining to such a marriage are my personal matters, but just to inform you here in Australia we have something called a ‘mateship agreement’, but that is not what I am getting at.

    I do have a story to tell and my personal diary already spans over three thousand typed A4 pages. It hurts me to disclose my own personal life as I am a very private individual but I do sincerely hate being ‘scorned’ by all, especially in this forum. :-I

    I hope this clarifies a bit hun...
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    I would personally not put a lot of stock into anything you read on-line, if it comes from a reliable source or not and think much the same as what pancake111 said, that you really seem to be looking for people through a very narrow lens. What I simply do not understand is why you feel that you really need more than one woman in your life. I know what love is all about, having been through it all many times, and I know all about polygamy (although I confess not to hold it in great stead or even accept it as anything but one person's lustful desires, sorry) but surely if it is true love that you are looking for, then if you really did find it with just one woman, you would not wish anything more.
    Besides that, while Australia is much more open to ideas and new ways of thinking and living than most other countries of the World (I should know, being an Aussie myself) polygamy just is not something that has caught on here and I just do not see it being a
    popular' trend any time soon. Still, I at least give you credits for how you are to speak highly of yourself, 'sell' yourself, so to speak. Even I have not had the opportunity to know all that many people who could compare themselves with Elvis or be overqualified for any job 0 myself included!
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  7. Percarus

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    Homosexuals look for people through narrow lenses; Goths do to, as do intellectuals and many different people within society – all the ones with character anyway. I philosophise a great deal in life, I am a Presbyterian by faith and have some liberal views justified by pure reasoning and great minds. The thing is I do not believe in an ‘afterlife’ that is eternal as such, and I only foresee the very aspect of life itself to last maybe 7000 years at least given much debate in forums. Polygyny is not about ‘lust’, certain men have needs, social needs that need to be met in a marital life and even so the urge to procreate. I am a social person and to me a marital life with one woman alone is illogical in so many different aspects that I won’t even dwell here. I know for a fact that coming across two women that are adaptable to myself and each other is a very dear near impossible task, but it is what would complete me in its entirety – I see no other way for I am a complicated person. I am happy with settling with just one woman this lifetime for I believe in the next life thereafter ‘we’ would be able to find the missing jigsaw for our puzzle, but she would have to be virtuous and bisexual. I am not looking for random hook ups with other women whilst in a relationship or some inadequate orgies as such – I am polygynyous and that is the way I am, I do not expect you to easily understand this lest you are very worldly knowledgeable yourself. And believe me, I have suffered immensely in life in so many darn aspects.

    In regards to your latter comments, I agree, it is definitely wrong of me to compare myself to the mighty personae that Elvis Aaron Presley was – I am nothing like him, I am his number one fan, and to me it would be an utter honour to be comparable to him if that were indeed possible. Here is a thread on Elvis that explains only a small part of my admiration for him:

    I have seen and heard many things in my life, and the very aspect of ‘selling’ myself is not to be questioned in this thread as honestly speaking I am just seeking some earnest advice that individuals in the real world have not been able to provide me. I am going through a horrible phase in my life and my insomnia has escalated to paramount dire levels – I can’t get over several issues in relations to my past and events that have befallen me. A person without sleep may in effects be crippled in all accounts in life no matter how bright he/she may be. My only hope in regards to this ‘crippling’ insomnia lies in these new green laser glasses I bought from South Australia and arrived yesterday, this at about $300. I have tried everything in regards to insomnia; meditation, praying, every sleeping pill ‘till I developed an immunity to them all, drugs of sorts, dianetics, hypnosis, exercise, diet, and so much more. My troubles are deeper than you think but in the end of the day I keep reminding myself each and every day that there are other people in severe distress out there but this fact does not bring me consolation, it only reminds me that I am amongst the minority out there. I am not materialistic but ambition has not completely faded from my life yet.

    The term ‘polygamy’ is erroneous as it is indicative of marriage of polyamory nature to either sex (ie: a person having two husbands and three wives or such). So yeah, I am polygynyous, always have been, and always will be... Like the Mormons I am of faith that marriage is eternal (‘till ultimate death anyway) and I don’t believe of blasphemous vows of “’till death bid us apart”. When you talk about true love I think you misunderstand the whole idea of it... You are functioning in a restricting world of dualities and not a trinity or else. I value the very aspect of identity, I am not overly fussy when it comes to people in contrast to what this thread may have projected, but the fact is I do have some boundaries when it comes to what extent I will dwell in. Monogamy is not an option unless it is to just simply satisfy sexual and love urges of a temporal nature – it is not a lasting concept when it applies to me.
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  8. youRprecious!

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    Sorry Percarus, but we can all make decisions concerning our identity and predilictions and then say that God must accommodate what we are. It's putting the cart before the horse. Who are we to dictate to God, when he has made his revelation clear?
    I am not persecuting you for your beliefs, but you are not God or equal to God so as to be able to say what is the truth. If we want to know truth and have relationship with the truth, we all of us have to humble ourselves and receive God's wisdom as He reveals it - and He does not and never will make one rule for the masses and another one for ourselves. If the Vatican and Anglican priests say that he will, then they are all misleading you. I have had experience in my life of God's ways and revelation regarding relationships and coming into relationship with God - anyone can do this if they want to - the way is open for all, and Marriage is to be honoured by all as between 1 man and 1 wife - the 2 shall become one flesh, not 3.
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    I have deleted the links that have been posted here as links should be passed by administrators before posting also everyones believes are different so let just leave it at that i will close the thread now as it seems to be getting heated and everyone has stated what they wanted to state
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