The Rack

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    In the quiet times,
    when night's hush has fallen,
    the mind's eye seeks
    to find redress
    for the wrongs of the day,
    and black are the errors
    of my twisted ways.

    The mirror of my life
    reflects in your eyes,
    and I loathe
    the hateful truth
    of what I see there--
    my shadow of vile mediocrity
    that stains all I touch
    as I reach in vain
    for the things I cannot have.

    Apologies are for
    those who need them,
    your ears burn
    with the supplication
    for mercy
    from my blood-stained lips.

    Just another lash
    to my soul for which
    I will suffer--
    the simple reason
    I chose to leave
    to spare you pain,
    and thus myself.

    The result is still the same--
    an eternal torment
    on the Pattern's rack.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.