The Razor's Edge

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    Some may call it vice,
    but it's very nice,
    a world away from here,
    a chance to escape
    the grim finality
    of each passing day apart
    from the path I should have taken.

    But when it's gone,
    this very nice vice,
    there is only emptiness,
    a dull sense of loneliness
    as life's taint once again
    stains my lips
    from the cup of self-hatred,
    and I am thrust back into
    the awareness of lack,
    the inability to learn to conjure forth
    my world away from here.

    Oh, to have her here
    and not have to depend
    on the flights of fantasy
    to relieve the loneliness
    of wretched existence.

    Hell on one side,
    damnation on the other
    as I walk the razor's edge of madness,
    and either way I lose.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.