The real enemy

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    Who is the real enemy?
    Is it pain in my soul,
    or the one who inflicts it?

    Would I still feel this way,
    if the world around me
    would be different?

    Sometimes I'm scared of what I see
    sometimes I want to be like them,
    because I'm convinced there is only two options
    - "like me" or "like them"
    And when I walk in a dark room,
    I imagine I am them,
    because then i am "them" not "me"

    When I finally found the first one
    who was "like I" was, not "like them",
    i had turned into "them",
    Why would I meet her when my heart was still so bitter?

    Can I be "like me", without being harmed by them?
    Or was I ever "like them" to her?
    No I wasn't, not even close!
    But I was not me,
    That is what gives me guilt

    Is there any greater evil,
    than to both hurt someone,
    and give *them* the guilt?
    Why would anyone do this?

    I no longer doubt,
    the conspiracies of 9/11 are true.
    If persons can hurt others and blame the victim,
    why can't a whole country?

    Sometimes I feel I can never be redeemed,
    and "they" never charged for what they did,
    but it would be enough for me,
    to see those who truly did 9/11,
    suffer trial in their place.

    For if a whole country can be victim
    of what I suffered,
    then can a lonesome person,
    avoid such evil?

    In my life, against my enemy,
    I fought alone.
    But in the battle against a lying nation,
    we may be many.

    If this victory of truth can first be won,
    then maybe also my victory?
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