The real truth on what to do in a time of great despair

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jneedsalifeline, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Heres the real truth and im not gonna be checking anyones responses because i know alot of people are gonna have an opinion on this and I know some of you are gonna try to piss me off with your i wont be reading them, cause im tired of bein pissed off by people. Anyways, when your in a great time of despair and your at the point where you just wanna die no matter what the cause may be, theres many things that can make a person feel this way...only you know whats really making you despair of life and want to end it. anyway to my point. God lets us get to this point whether its from wrong things we did or wrong things done to us or both combined, he lets us get to the this point where we have no way out and were closed in on all sides so we can turn and cry out to him in our trouble....Thus bringing us closer to him and giving him an opportunity to show his faithfulness and love towards us and his power to be able to deliever us out of any kind of trouble. We need to be crying out to JESUS in our times of trouble and thats the bottom line. Thats where the real road to healing begins and ends. Thats all i have to say. Do what you want with this advice. Its free information from me to you.
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    Thank you for the "free" information; I'd be really pissed had I payed for it.
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    Wow you can piss me off but I can't piss you off? So tolerant you are.
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    My mother and sister are probably praying for my death then. They know I'm dying, so they've put their trust in their God.

    The God you talk of OP sounds pretty abusive, as he hurts and tortures us, then as we cry out, we should call to him for help so he can heal what he let happen? Pretty indicative of an emotional abuser, no?

    PS. I love your signature Lovecraft.
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    HAHAHAHA! if this werent free, the money would be well worth it for this comment alone.

    To the OP- I propose to you to denounce your religious faith from your life from here on out. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I usually have a standard of live and let live. If someone wnats to believe in god and be "saved" by jesus so be it. But if they are going to approach me and tell me my lifestyle choice is wrong then logically the only thing i can do is question and doubt.

    I liken religion to a hobby in many cases. Like video games or playing guitar. It can be relaxing for some people, pointless and frustrating for others. Its not for everyone and its time the religious folk get over themselves and realize this.
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