The Reason

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    You teach me a lot of things

    Besides illegal downloading and pleasures of kings

    You do not want me to see your face

    But you hold the truth to my every gaze.

    It’s flattering to hear my heart

    So beating loudly

    Behind this fragile flesh

    When you strike that messed-up phrase, or any of the sort.

    Plans have changed,

    Ambitions have mellowed

    For you are the reason

    This path I followed.

    Time utterly wasted

    Never given a care

    For you are the reason,

    I wanted some words to share.

    You read and I am embarrassed.

    I should have never confessed

    Through these lonely

    little verses.

    Ending would be hard

    For this is actually yet a start

    Emotions coming through

    All because of you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.