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The return of dreams!

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I was one of the unusual persons who never actually dreamt - or at least could not recall having had a dream for a couple of decades and a bit more.

For those who dream a lot - this might seem unusual.

Indeed, over the years, I've had this discussion re the lack of dreams. From white witches, to Christians, Buddhists and a myriad of 'new agers' who believe in anything from crystal power, tarot cards to the I Ching and more besides.

Many were worried a bit - but I felt OK in myself and saw the lack of dreams as a bonus in that all my dreams were done in the daytime - or in the state of concious awakened. For me - a man or woman who confined dreams to actual reality, was doing something more worthwhile.

I know some Christians, a small group (you might say a cult) who believe in the interpretation of dreams. This is all well and good unless you have power over others and simply lie about dreams to appear as 'the great wise one' or something.

Sure the Bible does put some value in dreams - but just because someone knows the Bible inside out, or any other 'holy' book (they can't all be holy) it means nothing.

The Devil knows the Bible inside out also! If you believe in it of course.

So anyhow - back to the dreams.

I think a certain medication has set me off or boosted the process somehow. Like I say, not dreamt for 25 years - cannot recall a significant dream in the least but now I'm having them again.

The medication is Mirtazapine, took it now for about a week - only 15mg. The med is supposed to 'help me sleep' - but so far, its kept me awake like any other.

The dreams have been vivid and numerous. Mostly the theme is 'escape' or 'looking for something' - I feel no danger or have no horrors!

The medication does state in the bumf that the side effects may include nightmares - I was looking forward to having one - I mean, its a dream so that would be a start. I've never worried about nightmares and 'enjoyed' them when young as it would be a subject many girls liked chatting about.

Not being a liar, in the pursuit of women's affections, I could not make things up - like others. But I had a variety of dreams - vivid ones - plus several dreams about the future - that classic deja vu feeling you get when you meet someone or are just in a particular place and setting.

Then it HITS YOU - you've seen this before.

Unimportant as the event or moment might be - you've 'seen' into the future.

I know this might make me seem a 'crackpot' to some. But - in my experience, its very common.

OK - science says our brain might just have some lag of sorts - we see something - forget it - and then see it again and the subconscious plays a trick. Only flaw is - I can remember the dreams vividly - dreams which happened months previously, or maybe years.

So, at least for now I look forward to dreaming when asleep. I also hope that this may portent a particular creative era making its presence known to me - dudes and dude'esses, I hope this is so!

Bear in mind, my dreams so far, with the loose themes of 'escape' and 'looking for something' - is easy for anyone to interpret. We're all escaping from something here - to an extent - and we are all looking for something.

You do not need to spend cash on some dream interpreting 'expert' to work that out!

Anyone else have some feedback on dreams suddenly coming back - or on the deja vu experience whereby you dream about things that actually happen.

PS - Sure, I know, why was it not the lottery numbers for next week?

Alas, it does not happen like that. You don't have a choice when you dream - or if you do its taking place so deep in the subconscious that we don't know it is happening.

Mr Stewart

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Huh... I only remember my dreams when I've taken something before bed. Normal sleep = no dreams. Always. I wonder. Is there a connection between sleep phase problems and dreaming?

Congrats on the new frontier of dreaming adventures. :smile:

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Funny i never remember dreaming either it was my husband that always told me i was yelling in sleep etc i started new med 10 days ago i had a dream last night i remember it vividly it was more anightmare too I am not able to take med anymore because of sever sideeffects but like you it was so interesting to actually remember this dream this nightmare. one of war of hiding behind a wood wall so close to my enemy afraid to breath for fear they hear i remember making a noise and i was so afraid to be found the i woke up before they could see me stupid dreams it was so stupid
i remember my dreams about 4 nights out of 7

i use them often in therapy where we discuss them

my therapist believes that there are issues that are processed in your subconscious that your waking mind won't deal with

i find it very productive to share my dreams with my therapist

last year i had terrible nightmares relating to the sexual abuse i experienced as a child. it was like i was reliving the abuse. i was put on a drug, propranalol, that is used for ptsd sufferers to relieve nightmares. i was on it for 10 months. i could have a nightmare, yet remain emotionally disconnected from the dream.

i hope you enjoy your dreams. you're right, you don't need an expert to interpret them. but you can learn a lot about yourself by exploring your dreams.

Madam Mim

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I often get a deja vu in my waking life from something I saw in a dream. Usually it's a place more than a person or event, but it happens fairly regularly. It's quite unnerving to arrive somewhere and recognise it when I have no business doing so, because I've never been there before! It's just weird.



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I've not had a deja vu feeling yet - but they were very weird all the same when they happened.

I mean, recalling with all clarity a place you'd never been before - knowing what was in a particular room - and seeing people (who I later formed a band with) and remembering I'd dreamt about this.

It is more than weird - it actually turns a few conceptions we have about life upside down - deja vu means that we 'know' about certain aspects of the future. This makes life more 'spiritual' for me - it is a clue that the world is not all that it seems.

Anyhow, like I say, its rare this deja vu - and it never seems to be an event of any significance. A few times I've dreamt about people who later turn up - so the woman of my dreams might actually mean what it says.

So far, at least, I've dreamt about were I live - I've even woken up - thought about the dream, gone back to sleep and finished the dream.

Nothing eventful so far to report - I keep hoping I'll play my guitar in my dream and wake up and remember what I was playing. Or be writing a book in my dream and wake up with the idea still fresh.

I'm having a lot of dreams - you know how a ten minute alarm snooze can sometimes be an entire dream - maybe seem like a day when in reality its probably not even a minute.

Happy trails!


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Sleep meds and pysch meds often cause vivid dreaming and even sleepwalking. I think it has to do with the REM sleep cycle but I'm not too sure about the why.
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