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    So throughout my life I've struggled to keep a girlfriend they would always break up with me and I still don't know the reason why. I'm a nice guy caring open doors pull the seat out for them everything respectful a man will do. It seems like this days women want the opposite they want the bad boy the shut up I'm talking not you type or calling them names. Almost every girl I been with they went back to that type of guy and it makes me feel like crap. I've changed recently by taking control and telling women no and what's on my mind so if anybody has any advice I'd sure appreciate it I feel like I'm going to be single forever and a virgin.
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    I definitely think more than looks, more than money women really want confidence. So yeah those guys may seem like jerks but they probably have a swagger or a self-assuredness that women are drawn to, not the fact that they are tools. My uncle is basically a short fat unlikeable jerk but he's always had women by his side because he knows how to talk to them and he has this "I'm the man" way about him. I on the other hand have pretty much given up on having a normal relationships after my last ex partially due to my lack of mental health and also due to the fact that I have basically zero to no confidence. Anyway I hope that helps somewhat.
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    Thanks for the reply big m I've always had extreme confidence in myself I was taught with respect so talking down to women or even disrespecting them was out of the question yet my friends back in the day did all those things and had women fall to their feet. I also think I'm attractive alot of things I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm too soft and need to man up more? Who knows that's why I was single for 7 years before my ex broke up with me months ago and I feel I'm going to be single for a long time again. It's true in shouldn't be saying these things and that's also probably why women leave me but I agree it's def. a mental thing and don't know how to get out of it.