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It carries me. It swirls around me. Sometimes it brings me to nice things. Sometimes excruciatingly hard things.
The online river is the same, so many people have drifted away leaving me. It seems that I have lost my touch for making new friends and the old ones are thinning quickly in the rush of water that is life online.

I am so depressed, fighting physical problems as well as mental is exhausting. One good thing is I think I have narrowed the afternoon headaches to Adderall. We'll see if today is the same.

This place in the river has taken away my ability to enjoy reading books. This hurts me more than I can say. I know @Freya understands what that would be like. I keep buying books and checking books out from library and not reading them.


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I am so sorry that this is happening to you - I can't imagine getting through the weeks without books. What stops you from reading them?


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I can't remember what I read and its like it frustrates me so bad about my vision. I used to read 500 page books in a weekend. Lucky to read 10 pages now. It sucks. Thanks for response old friend


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I'm sorry you're going through this; getting older does not sound like much fun. :(

Have you tried taking notes on what you read such as characters and basic plot details for fiction books? Maybe try glasses/reading glasses/a magnifying glass to help your vision? How about listening to audio books?

Would you maybe be a candidate for laser eye surgery?
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I'm so sorry this is happening to you, Kitty. Now I feel terrible for wandering off site so long and not keeping in touch. If it helps, my PM box is always open for you.
Losing my ability (lack of concentration) and then even desire to read has been horrible for me as books were my friends and often my comfort/companion.

I'm sorry you are at this point. Thanks for being open and sharing with us. Really hoping better times come soon.


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I used to read at least a book a week Angie. Now it will take me a month or longer to finish one. I buy most of my books at book sales. And I don't remember how many times I have purchased the same book twice because I didn't remember reading it. Perhaps writing about a book you are reading here would help you remember it.
As to old age. Well, it sucks. Don't know why so many people are happy to be on 'the right side of the dirt'. I was baking some blueberry cheesecake bars today (gonna share them with a 95 year old friend of mine next week) and could not read the recipe without my glasses. Also have a magnifying glass I use at times. My mom is probably laughing her head off in heaven. I used to give her such a bad time when she used one when she was older. And gut problems. We do have that in common too. Can eat something one day and be fine. Then next time I eat it I am in torment. Pretty horrid for someone who has always live to eat. Dropped my asthma emergency inhaler today. It flew apart. Thank goodness I got it back together. $40 to replace it.
You might want to look into a product called MyPureMist. Its a portable steam inhaler. I got one a few weeks ago. It is definitely helping my asthma and coughing. Is supposed to help some sinus problems too. But it is expensive. But hell, everything but death is expensive these days.
Take care.


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I'm so sorry about your health, Angie. I, too am an avid reader. I read several books a week and I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't enjoy it. When I was on chemo, I was started on an anti nausea med that I had a bad reaction to. I couldn't concentrate and sit still for more than 2 minutes. I tried reading and couldn't retain anything, so I have some idea of what you're going through. It was terrible. Books are my friends, too. I wish I could help you. :( Sending hugs.


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Thanks for your kind replies. The opthamalogist says this is as good as it gets. I even got RX readers. Its the concentration thats the problem. Thanks for sharing everyone.

Barb I know you understand. We share much in common. Will speak more when I can with all of you, I am really fuzzy brained this morning

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