The Road

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by littleallen, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. littleallen

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    The Road

    Life is one long road; where it ends no one knows -Broken headlights, out of gas, flat tires and every car I see I try to pass.

    My road has been dark and full of bums, Broken hearts and and wounded friends -- all that mattered is where mine ends.

    Dont look in the rear view for too long; you might miss that corner and crash and burn, Bam one more missed turn.

    So many turns always the fastest easiest way; when will i learn?

    Never thinking ahead, only of today, And no matter who you are never get in my way.

    Is the road one big circle? Does it never end? When you get to the end can you begain again?

    Most drive by never looking to the sides. All that matters is right in frount of their eyes. Blind to the sufering on every side.

    The road is not easy, it's sure taken its toll on me. I travel high and drunk as i please. Most of my life was one big dui. It's hard to see the roses when your high and speeding by.

    If i have hurt you, know for you i have cried many tears. If i have harmed you, know it was due to my own fears. This car I have driven has touched many lives..

    So farewell my friends, if its a circle we may meet again I hope i learn from my mistakes, if not i am sure for me the road is dark and the end empty.
  2. burnface

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    Wow. This really got to me. Amazing. :)
  3. total eclipse

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    I hope the road won't be as dark now or as lonely you have lots of people here that care and the truly do understand hugs
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