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  1. Hi everyone

    I have previously posted a few threads regarding my educational life. Today confirms that this year i am going nowhere, and fast. I am not attending university this year because most rejected me and the other one toyed with my heart and hopes too much. I now find myself with no money in the bank, an empty stomach, a disappointed parent, a lifeless body and a no doubt unrelenting year to get through. Right now i have two options, none of which are particuarly good or lifelike. The first is to sign on for the dole and spend a year trying to fulfill my dream of being a writer, writing 9-5 and trying to get as many fingers in the writing pie as possible. Possibly going back to my old love of sitcoms blah blah blah. The second is unspeakable, and i think by calling it this ensures there is very little ambiguity about the option/act.

    Does anyone have any ideas, it's a very difficult time and i just need a friendly shove or punch in the right direction. I do appreciate everyone else has their own lives to endure so i don't expect a baying mob around the post fighting for the first post or anything.

    Apologies and thanks

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think following your dream would be good to be a writer. Is there anyway you can just take a few courses at university to do with that topic alone. That way you are not giving up on school totally. Get your foot back in by taking a few courses see what university says take care.
  3. Well, i live in quite a desolate and horrible little place so opportunities here are nigh on non-existent. Therefore there are now part-time courses available for me and universities have stopped taking applications. This is why i find myself in such a horrible state and why i beg for advice :S
  4. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    I hope you decide to go for your dream of writing. I know it's not easy; but at least it provides some hope!
  5. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    Hi Chris,

    You've given us two options - I shouldn't think anyone's going to advise your taking the unspeakable one!

    So that kind of leaves just the one?

    I did what you're hoping to do - took advantage of time out to set myself up in writing. Freelance journalism to be exact. I was totally crap at it but along the way found myself writing my magnum opus. (Still unfinished due to life hijacking me, but I really enjoyed writing it and hope sometime in the future to be able to write some more).

    From your posts I gather that you really want to write. I'd say go for it - give yourself some direction and a goal, and hey presto we'll all be proud to say Oh we knew that famous writer way back when he was just starting out. (I am NOT taking the piss, in case that's what it sounds like.)

    What were you studying at uni by the way?

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