The role of humans in the universe

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To consume :p

There doesn't seem to be any convenient answer,
it appears we've been left to find one for ourselves..
Where's the damn manual when you need it eh


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Actually, I was just being a bit facetious.

I cant think of anything except listing dumb little functions
like making more people, or whatever else.
As far as I can see, there is no grand role.
Did you have one in mind?


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excellent question. To be honest I dont think there can be a ultimate point to life. maybe the point of life is to see what its like to be alive. and It sucks,so back to matter I go.


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I think it's a bit early to tell, I mean it took around 10 billion years for life just to get started, and then nothing much happened for 3.5 billion years. Our ancestors only just started walking on two feet arond 5 million years ago and so I guess it's going to take us a long, long time to find out.

If we think about the last few thousand years or so it's like watching 1 second of a film and then asking people if they thought it was any good and being disappointed that it didn't have much of a plot to it.

(Oh that's the one thing I forgot to mention about 'life', although it's wonderful and amazing it's also just so bloody tedious and dull. Can't we speed up the process a bit please God?)
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I'd like to think that something really bizarre will happen, like in a hundred years time a bunch of aliens will come to the planet and go "Oh lunch is finally ready then... hardly fast food is it?"


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why does there even have to be a point? i mean we're very insignificant compared to the universe, after all "Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is. I mean you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space."* so maybe there isnt an actual defined point to the presense of the human race in the universe, it could find one in time perhaps, but i dont think it necessarily has a destiny as such, there's too many varibles in my opinion

*yes, i stole from hitchhikers.... again​


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Maybe God was just practicing with ours. It can't be easy creating a Universe. He's probably done some really good ones in the last few billion years, you know ones where people actually live happy lives.


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God is imaginary, has nothing to do with god. but if theres is no point to life then why go throu with it when you're not happy and it causes you pain. Life is just a random pointless process I guess. kill eat fuck sleep and die. awesome....


Life, existence has no greater meaning, in the end all that we do will become dust in the winds of time and forgotten forever.


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i see that life
is a place of exam
u are here to fail or to success

ALLAH created us and give us the 2 roads

to success or to fail
so we have an exam(that is our life)
if u worship ALLAH as he wants

and do what he wants(halal) and leave what he forbbid or restrict(haram)

so u will pass

he put to u the way he wants in quran and sunna
every thing in it
even if u died who will take ur money and will

i think i must have goal in my life
not to eat sleep and marry( i think that is meaningless without goal)
What is a goal of life then, according to you?

Are you saying that you'd marry someone to further yourself on in life?
For example, you'd marry the daughter of your boss if you could, to get higher up in your place of work?


Personally I think the role is to serve my every need. Just kidding. Who knows what our roles are and I suspect it is different for each person. We all have different ideas, dreams, goals, etc. Because we are different does not always mean one is right and one is wrong. Perhaps look inside yourself first and determine what you mean to yourself.
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