The room behind the curtains

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  1. Doesn't rhyme.. just some text.

    Oh, beautiful mask.
    Oh, mysterious curtains.
    What is it, that you hide?
    All the effort done,
    into obscuring truth.
    It must not be beautiful.
    Murder in this house,
    Suicide not long ago.
    Cursed and dark it is.
    The screams of the past,
    loud and clear, every night.
    Hidden by the mask.
    Darkened by the curtains.

    Run as long as you can,
    it would be smart.
    Run before you fall.
    Run before it's late.
    Run before the devil locks you in.
    Into his palace of souls.
    For only I am able to deal with him.

    But curious, as you are,
    you search for the key,
    to open the door.
    Telling yourself you are ready.
    Thinking you fear nothing.
    Worms crawl out of the wood.
    Centipedes move their 100 legs.
    Moths are flying to the light.
    They were all blinded.

    All you see is the devil and me,
    dancing in the obscure.
    The plague starts to spread your body,
    sickness and vomit.
    For we are abominations.
    Traitors of god and his angels.
    Fallen from the light,
    dwelling in darkness.
    Our true faces..
    a sight no one is ready for.

    You run and run,
    step by step,
    till you fall,
    till your breath is speeding up,
    Can't get near this house never again.
    Turning back, locking the door,
    understanding the warnings of so many before you.

    For my mind is a place that no one shall enter.

    This is what the curtains on my windows were made for.
    This is what the mask I wear outside was made for.
  2. libra

    libra Active Member

    well written!!
    so descriptive. love the style, you have a talent
  3. Oh wow thanks! :D
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