The Ruins Of Me

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    To where I stepped on
    No footprint of mine
    There's none of me
    Sheared and snarled-up
    As always I am
    The crevasse is soon to be
    Lit up dimly
    For my presence
    Is a novelty

    This paroxysm is so blatant
    Erupted internally but
    invisible externally
    Lacerating my skin
    Corroding my flesh
    Eating me alive
    My life is just a parody
    To be tossed around
    The fool,why must the fool be fooled!!
    The wretched,why must they be cherished
    Life is lopsided

    If my life's just a folly
    I shall free my soul
    For this soul's longing to breakaway
    Life's a forsaken me

    No mirth is too blissful
    Just a stranded me
    I'm a non-retrievable me
    A sweet retaliation for a melancholic glum
    Words are only words
    This reverie is a crook
    Drifting me afar
    Plunged into oblivions

    My heart is
    Too cold for my freezing mind
    Too hot for my burning soul
    But nobody cares
    They'll never be
    For I'm nobody in particular
    Why me?
    Did I flunk my life?
    Or I'm meant to carry on...
    With this failed experiment of god...
    Sneered by the angels..
    Burned alive prior to my death.

    Life's a beast
    As time's the worst healer
    Living among the hypocrites
    It's a queer thing why my life's so bleak
    Let's just free the insane
    For there'll be points of no return
    Abyssmally lonely
    I live alone and I shall die alone

    Converge my shames to my grave
    I'm not brainy just a briny drop
    Sucked out of the last moisture
    Of mine
    Leaving me barren and desiccated
    Till the nocturne comes
    And the rhapsody solidified
    There'll be no soul of mine

    Let my death twitched away
    As I 'm left with no mercy
    Let my life be valedictory
    The roue' for I've cursed em
    Make them rot
    Those fetid brute

    I shall bid goodbye
    With no compunction
    Just abounding happiness

    At the end,the notorious wins
    The decent will fade away
    Is this a justice??
    Life's is never fair
    It's just a commotion
    To give us false hopes
    And the reason to die for
    I summon my phalanx
    Tell me is this a unanimity
    Or just a languishing assumption
    For those who agree
    Abandon all hopes
    Ye that decipher this memento

    This is neither an elegy nor a rhetorical piece
    A sense of elation it ought to be..
    An effusion in the murkiest realm
    Is too profound yet so tender
    Mull it over
    And you shall see...
    This horrid poem belies not
    Neither a eulogy nor a euphony
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