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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by sd-239192, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. sd-239192

    sd-239192 Well-Known Member

    This one nightmare has been killing me, reoccurring in great detail. i don't know what it means and it keeps me up and thinking about it.

    it starts out peaceful enough, what appears to be me in my late 40's working on a large, apparently military, vehicle. when this thin man in a striped button up shirt, holding a clipboard calls me away to look at something. we walk up a long flight of stares to a window overlooking the workshop i was just in, and i apparently don't like what i see. i say a few things to him, that he wrights down apparently shaken by my disapproval, then he turns quickly goes down the stares and starts shouting to the men in the shop the things that i told him. then I'm at some kind of party, talking with a number of people and he just comes up from behind me and asks me to come with him. so we go back to this stairway and he has me look out over the shop again. i still don't like what i see, and i tell him whats wrong. and once again runs down and tells the workers what i said. the setting changes a number of times, but always the same I'm called by this guy, walk up the steps i tell him something is wrong he runs down yells at the workers and it changes. until i tell him I'm happy with it. then the shop doors open and we walk down the steps. then I'm inside one of the things from the shop and shining a spotlight up and down a bunch of burned out buildings, like I'm looking for something. then something hits me I'm bleeding i turn around to see him on top of the vehicle behind me and he shoots. then i normally wake up...

    i don't know why it keeps coming back, or why its so vivid... but ya... there it is, maybe telling someone will help me stop having it
  2. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    I have learned that the people in my dreams are my feelings. It sounds like you are angry with yourself. Are you having to deal with something in life that you don't like but you've decided to stick with it, or think you can't change it?
  3. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    Who is the guy that shoots you? Is that the same guy with the striped button up shirt?

    Are you angry at anything when you wake up? What are you afraid of, bleeding or being shot or exploring the burnt buildings or?
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