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the scew up

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I try to help and get chewed out.
I try to give heart felt advice and get told to not intrude.
I even get told my words don't mean anything to people.
Forget it...if nobody wants my two cents then I am out of here.
Some people get 30+ posts and others get 0.
I don't know what to say anymore to help.
Jane Doe the best of luck to you. I maybe back later....who knows.
I don't care anymore.

jane doe

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come on you always helped me, and now i need you, you are the only one who can help me, and i take very seriously what you say, come on hun stay here. and if you need me i´ll be here for you


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Wait a minute BF your word's do mean alot:smile: ,and I sincerely mean it I'm not just merely saying it so you can feel better and I think I'm some sought of hero.Just before I noticed all the effort you went to trying to help people out,to me that symbolizes true character,class and passion and I can go on mate.You're worthy of your weight in gold and one million ton's more,and you're ever so valued don't ever think you aren't.
Also BF I don't honestly believe that people were meaning that your word's didn't mean anything of such or the like,simply mate they could be in such a dark place and feeling ever so low that no matter what anyone say's to them they could just blow up.You know what it's like when we're so down that we see everything as a plain negative and hopeless and totally coloured and we don't see no rainbow.
So I really want you to understand that whoever you may've tried to help surely wasn't intentionally being nasty to you,it's just surely that they're very fragile and in such a hole that everything has no meaning even your kind meaning inspiring uplifting heartfelt HELPFUL words.
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I've read a lot of your posts and responses since I came to SF and I can tell that you really care about people and genuinely want to help. Your words help me. Please try to remember that. Just because you're responding to someone else's post doesn't mean that you don't touch others with what you say. Your words of encouragement help a lot of people. Please don't go.


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We can't afford to lose you blackfire, your one of the most active members on the forum and you give good and sound advice and recognise those empty threads. Maybe were just taking you for granted.
One person can't help everyone but if you try and put your heart into it, then that in itself is good enough.
Please don't go.
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