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    Not so long ago, there lived a little girl
    Who grew up living in a real life hell
    She learnt quite young what a bad world exists
    She never quite understood the word ignorance
    Alone, cold, frightened and scared
    No one would help her, as nobody cared
    She was abused and violated
    No longer able to cry
    Hoping that soon she would die

    Trying to squirm away; quite pathetically
    Her father would touch her unwillingly
    Virginity lost at such a young age
    Disgusting at this time of day and age

    Looking in the mirror, seeing who she’d become
    I would cut myself, to hide the pain
    Alone in this world, of murder and slain
    Pregnant, abortion and miscarriage
    Dreams abolished of happiness and marriage
    Who would I tell?
    Who’d believe me?
    I look so normal to the untrained eye
    But look deep inside and you'll see that I want to die
    But who gives a damn?
    He stole my life, give me a false one
    No one knows the truth
    All of you are ignorant and think this is fake
    Would you even care, it's my heartache
    You think this is a lie
    But then tell me, why do I cry?
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    be well and stay safe dear iona. you dreamt of a life that hasn't been yet you can make of this life a dream if you learn how to dream as with dreams nothing is impossible nonetheless.

    a survivor,

    granny x
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