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  1. touglytobeloved

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    I watched the documentary The Secret. A movie from 2006 which is about the secret of the universe that only few people in the past knew it, but those who knew it were succesfull and happy people. That secret is Law of atraction, according to which what you are feeling in life, and thinking about, that is what you will get. So if you feel happy, healthy, loved etc... even when you are not, the universe will bring that things to you. When you see negative thing, you dont talk about it, just ignore it, because if you think that you dont want that, that its bad, you will atract it to you. If you know the secret, and how to use it, then unloved will become loved, unhealthy will become healthy, incurable deceises will dissapear as a miracle, poor will become rich.
    Its a movie that has left a lot dust behind, many questions, and many discussions. Just google The Secret 2006 and you will find some of them. There is also site Download it, watch it , and say what you think. I hope it will help you.
    I did undestand the point of the movie, but what i didnt understand is how can i think and feel that im healthy or loved or rich, if im not? Yes, i can think, but how can i feel it? Because in the movie it says: feel healthy/loved/rich/happy, even if you are not.
    Well, maybe some of you has already seen the movie, or will watch it soon and will post anything...
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    Well im not sure how much i buy into that but...

    Basically what i get out of things like that is its all about perception.

    (So regardless of how much money you have...)If you perceive yourself to be poor...then you're going to see yourself as poor..and since that in itself is seen as a negative and implies a longing of money then you will always desire money for as long as you perceive yourself to be poor and therefore will be unhappy.

    But if you perceive yourself to be rich then you will not desire money and will be happy.

    But its all very relative as well. I have 100 dollars but my neighbro on the right has 1000. Well I'm poor. But my neighbor on the left has .01. Well now im rich....

    In my opinion its essentially training yourself to be content and grateful for what you have today, regardless of what you had yesterday, or what you may have tomorrow. Regardless of what the neighbor on your left has, or the neighbor on your right has.
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    The law of attraction seems to be a mystical new-agey spin on the power of positive thinking. Minus the magical thinking hogwash, it's essentially about selective perception. Your thoughts don't change the universe, but they do change which parts of it you perceive. There are plenty of opportunities to get what you want out there, but when you're in the wrong frame of mind, you don't notice them. If you can get in the right frame of mind, you can see the opportunities, and follow up on them.

    It's a bit like what my driving instructor says-- you drive where you look; it's an unconscious reflex. Pay too much attention to oncoming traffic and you end up steering into it.

    Of course, this is just the most generous interpretation of The Secret I've been able to come up with. It could just be a money-making scam for all I know.
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