The sentence the point the death :((((((((((

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  1. Crimsonsorrow

    Crimsonsorrow Active Member


    The patient has undergone an anterior cruciate reconstruction using
    patellar tendon. There is anterior postioning of the entrance of the
    femoral tunnel with osteolysis at the aperture, and the intraarticular
    portion of the graft is markedly attenuated, indicating high-grade
    disruption. There is no evidence of recent tibial translation. There
    is also aperture widening of the entrance of the tibial tunnel with
    hypertrophic scarred synovium up against the remnant of the graft
    fibers. The PCL is intact. The medial capsular ligament is scar
    remodeled and the patient has sustained a prior high-grade MCL injury.
    The fibular collateral ligament is intact. The popliteus tendon is
    degenerated but not disrupted. The popliteofibular ligament is scarred

    The patient has undergone a partial medial meniscectomy with
    degeneration of the small remnant. The lateral meniscus is notable for
    vertically oriented tear body segment, extending to the body anterior
    horn junction. This is seen to best advantage on the coronal images.

    Femorotibial osteoarthritis is seen with subchondral bony remodeling,
    marginal osteophytes, and moderate partial wear of cartilage without
    exposed bone. Prior transchondral fracture have created preferential
    wear of cartilage posterior margin of the lateral tibial plateau with
    deformity over the anterior portion of the lateral femoral condyle.
    The trochlear sulcus is hypoplastic without defect. There is
    superficial wear over the patella.

    There is no disproportionate quadriceps atrophy. The quadriceps tendon
    is intact.

    The patellar tendon is diffusely hyperintense, with scarring of the
    tissue up against the deep infrapatellar fat-pad. Persistent signal
    hyperintensity is seen in the patellar tendon with high-grade partial
    disruption of the distal third of the tissue at the tibial tubercle.
    The findings are compatible with a previous infection of the harvest
    site. Scarring of the fat-pad is thoroughly extensive but there is no
    MR evidence of active arthrofibrosis. In addition, no active
    infection is suspected. There is scarring of the prepatellar soft
    tissues. There is no occult fracture or osteonecrosis.

    Degenerative debris is noted in the posteromedial recess adjacent to the
    PCL and remnant of the posterior horn medial meniscus. There is a
    smaller lesser amount of debris noted anterolaterally.


    MRI of the left knee demonstrates femorotibial joint osteoarthritis in a
    patient who has undergone an ACL reconstruction with chronic disruption
    of the graft as well as subtotal medial meniscectomy. Prominent
    debris is noted in the posteromedial recess.

    The patellar tendon is poorly remodeled and demonstrates residual high-
    grade partial disruption - the appearance is compatible with a prior
    infection. Scarring of the fat-pad and the synovial reflections is

    Sometimes I wish to throw away my reasoning sometimes I want do die yet I hope Ill meet in hell with you doctor to kill you for your lies :sad::sad::sad:
  2. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Explanation, please? This is a follow-up diagnoses to knee surgery. I had ACL reconstruction last year and had a similar report. Although it sounds like you may have to have another MCL reconstruction, so if that's the case, good luck!

    EDIT: after reading your report further, I gather that you had an ACL reconstruction in the past and now need MCL surgery. Knee surgery is really frustrating, especially if you don't recover properly from the first surgery. My physical therapist never completed my regimine properly last year and I still have chronic knee pain that I have to control with prescription medicine.
  3. Crimsonsorrow

    Crimsonsorrow Active Member

    Nothing worked :( I didnt even know about the MCL and the ACL is dead malpositioned and the harvest site is infected. I know that youll probably say dont worry its just a knee but apparently you dont understand that everything except my death wrong happened during that surgery. THe pain is unbearable and yet i know that now people will not give a fuck anymore aobut me because people around me just say the same thing "its just the knee live with it" I wont LIVE LIKE A VEGETABLE due to some idiots mistake which is not reversible. Now I need 3 surgeries 3 transplantations from cadavers and I cant afford even the first surgery. THe only thing I can do is gather money for total knee replacement after the knee turns into a bloody pulp. This means min 10 years of excruciating pain limping at 19 years old. I WONT BEAR THIS ANYMORE I CANT I SIMPLY CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS because THIS IS NOT LIVING ITS EXISTING :*(
  4. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Please calm down a little bit. I know it's frustrating but you're not an invalid--far from it. My surgery got botched, too. My knee hurts every day and I'll never run in a marathon like I've always wanted; hell, even walking hurts and I sometimes have to use a cane when the pain gets bad. I can't work out like I used to and I've become good friends with the eliptical machine at the gym. While knee surgery is tons better than it used to be it's not 100% perfect yet, and most people with knee reconstruction will continue to have discomfort, pain, and complications for a long time.

    Try talking to a good physical therapist, physical therapy won't correct the knee but it will improve your stamina and stability and give you alternate exercises.

    How recent was your surgery?
  5. Crimsonsorrow

    Crimsonsorrow Active Member

    you dont understand im 19 and they fucked up it for life I can barely walk. Im 16 months post op the success rate of the operation is 96% in the U.S. of primary reconstruction. Youll just going to give me more bullshit to calm down. Im over with that I am fed up with all the wannabe suicide attemtps along with pain and severed relationships. I cant live like this people will spit on my grave thats for sure because hell its only a knee. One doctor said that there is no problem at all and even should I have it amputated its NO BIG PROBLEM . WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CANT SEE THAT THIS IS A BIG FUCKING PROBLEM TO ME . They took everything that I had yet still gave me hope. SHould I have cancer i wouldve been long dead...
  6. Crimsonsorrow

    Crimsonsorrow Active Member

    Sometimes I think that death will be the only thing that will make people look at me as if I was in any pain. sry but till that point they wont give a fuck about it never. This seems the only way to do it
  7. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    Doctors suck, Veterinarians to, I wouldnt be in the shape I am in today if it werent for **** Doctors and Veterinarians
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