The sharp truth.

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  1. Day_of_Death

    Day_of_Death Member

    This is something i just quickly write down as an essay, tell me what you think.

    The sharp truth

    Hurting? Feel the need to be ‘perfect’? The desire to be beautiful, special and good enough?

    You are not alone. Each day two people under 24 commit suicide, around 200 people commit suicide by train every year, with another 50 killing themselves on the London underground. Suicide statistics show that in the UK at least 16 children kill themselves each year because they are being bullied at school and no-one in authority is doing anything about it. The suicide rate for 18-24-year-old males has jumped from 58 deaths per million of population to 170 deaths per million. In inner city areas, over 43% of children have considered suicide and one in six children under the age of 11 have attempted suicide. Common causes cited include bullying, abuse, poverty, homelessness, and alcohol abuse. A UK Mental Health Foundation survey published in February 2001 revealed that half of university students showed signs of clinical anxiety whilst more than 10% suffered from clinical depression.

    These statistics are from some years ago, it has gone up since then, and that is only the statistics of suicide, there is more on eating disorders, self- harming and using the abuse of alcohol and drugs. I can’t even begin to clarify how much this needs to change, every day teenagers want to die or they try to, not much is being done to help these people, they look at how to deal with it once it’s done but not how to stop it before it’s even happened. I’m afraid to say a lot of the reasons this can’t be changed though is because it is either the parents doing it or other teenagers and they just think it is harmless bullying, this is not true. Bullying leads to Depression, Eating Disorders, Self- Harming and Suicidal thoughts and attempts.
    Parents, if you find out this is happening to your child, don’t push it aside or try to think in your own head that it has not happened, this hurts the child more, but don’t push them either, just make things a bit easier for them at home so they know you care but you’re not forcing them to talk, this problem needs to be resolved, the statistics get higher every year, it could be any of your children, the ones that are hurting are usually quiet or loud as ever but it’s a way of hiding how they actually feel, just remember and observe.

    Teenagers, children, whoever you are out there, there is services to help you, people do care they just don’t show it, I know it is hard go through this and you don’t want to talk, I know this by first-hand experience, but I guarantee you the more you keep it corked up in a bottle the more it will hurt and eat away at you inside, there will always be someone or something to help you get by in life, be strong.

    Remember, you are not alone and never will be.
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    very well written....thanks for sharing

    how sad are the statistics though!
  3. danicarr

    danicarr Member

    I agree it is well writen, and I wish more adults would read it. Unfortunately it's easy to hear people say there is plenty of help out there, but the honest truth is that get people to listen and believe is easier said then done in my expirience. Most perfessionals told me I had nothing to worry about and was simply seeking attention
  4. varek

    varek Well-Known Member

    Who should I talk to? I'm in the UK. I feel alone. Really alone.
  5. Day_of_Death

    Day_of_Death Member

    Go to your doctors and tell them how you have been feeling and they will probably send you to a therapist. Hope you feel better -hugs- here if you want to talk xx
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    To be honest, I find that incredibly hard to believe.
  7. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I'm sorry you're feeling so alone.
    You're not alone, you can contact the samaritans or talk to your doctors, use the chat/forum here for support or tell someone close to you what's going on. :hug:
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