The Shield

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  1. lifes_cruel01

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    It's protected me for so long
    From bullies, family and friends
    It's been with me since I can remember
    So why is my councellor telling me it's my enemy?
    "Sure it's protected you from everything bad
    But not it's be come your enemy"
    Yet still I deny it, still I cling to it
    I'm so can save me
    I steal, bang my head, do anything
    Just because my mind says I thrive on pain
    Only yesterday I cut my fingers on purpose
    Just to watch the blood ooze from my cuts
    I've gotten so used to this numb feeling
    I can't feel anything else
    Not even the love of my boyfriend
    Why has something that's supposed to be my friend
    Hurt me so much?
    Outside I'm a normal person
    Inside I'm crying for something I don't understand
    I'm failing school and I don't even care
    Everything I see isn't what it's supposed to be
    I want it to end but it won't
    Only now I have gotten help
    Yet I still cling to my shield
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    awesome poem!!
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