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The slipperly slope of cosmetic surgery


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I think I finally talked my husband into letting me get some fillers (Juvederm). Only because I wore him out. He said he can't stop me (it's my own money I've been saving), but he's worried it will be a gateway into more and more cosmetic procedures.

Has anyone here done anything like this, and did it help? A good friend of mine thinks I'll notice a change, but it's likely others will not. I'm fixated on one thing on my face, and I'm trying to "fix" it.

I'm 49 and I have to say, this era of my life has been really difficult when it comes to vanity. I hate it. It makes me feel so low that I'm so obsessed with the superficial, but I am literally OBSESSED. It's in my mind all day.


With my number of piercings and tattoos, it’d be hypocritical of me to try to talk someone else out of changing their appearance in a way that pleases them. But I will say to be careful that you are going to the best practitioners and getting the results you are actually looking for. I think we’ve all seen plenty of cases where someone ruined their face trying to fix some small perceived flaw.


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I'm seriously considering some fillers and/or Botox if I manage to get a job. A friend of mine has both and I had no idea until recently as it looks so natural.


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Thank you both for your responses. As far as I can tell, Juvederm is pretty safe, and FDA approved. Right now, it doesn't feel safe though because of Covid, but when things get better I'm pretty sure it's going to happen.

Suffering from Body Dysmorphia is what confuses me. It's possible it could lead to other things. But I hope being conscious of that helps.

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