The Soap Box goes to Wimbledon't

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    My man is Henin. My gentleman is Federer. Smiley little.Frown a lot but look funny inside.Yessss FedererXxx. Like him a lot he brings me packages too.What happen to his name Syd? Forget Xxxxx very important in Physixxxxx.

    Me cheers Serena ,but me cheered sucks too. GO USerenA . US of A not fun with Wimbledon'ts.Know Why? US of A no like Physics . Physics Albert from Neurope,not New York. US of A say funny tennis players for migrants just like Einstein. I buy new raquett'e looks like fly hitter. Me look .:huh:Mr. Milson said ,product of the USA,made in China. Mr. Bilson baliw .Mr. Bilson makes baby products. Who is a cheater Mr. Bilson or Mr. Head?

    Next time we call Wimbledon't , Wimbledonovic, too many Ivanojovic, what wrong people all names sounds alike.On even number years , Wilmbledon't is Wilmbledonovic ,on odd number years, Wimbledonova. Any corrections? Players allowed to challenge umpires decision . In Boston you kiss their ass.

    Me like going to Boston. Favorite my place: Find Insanity there or here. Or (hey or , you again? )Ok me go make Oregami......nyt nyt in Nyu Jersey.
  2. YAY, I'm also watching Wimbledon. I love Tennis, my favorite sport.

    I am rooting for Ivanovic, Jankovic and Djokovic. 3 young Serbs in the top 5.

    And also Tipsarevic, who made it through to the next round, he's ranked 30th or something, and is a bit older than his compatriots.

    Names that end in IC are usually of Yugoslavian descent. OVA can be Czech/Slovak or Russian.

    Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Russia, 3 great Slavic tennis nations.
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    The ultimate Xpression of Precision in Action.Every swing of the racket is an interactions of motion of millions of fibers from the body ,mind & the unknown suspended by or against the wind..It is mind boggling.

    Physics in Motion...Tennis .Go Federer...
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