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    ~Poems that I've written shall be put in here. For now, just one. ~

    All I can think about is how fast time flys by,
    And it doesn’t really help when all I do is stare at the sky.

    Slowly my glazed over eyes drift down,
    And my gentle features slip into a frown.

    The water was calm that day,
    Hopefully this will work out okay.

    A tear slides down my face,
    And my heart begins a wicked race.

    I take a few steps back,
    Only to have the wood beneath my feet crack.

    Now I rush forward and my feet pick up speed,
    Soon my heart will no longer bleed.

    Lingering thoughts disappear as I keep going,
    And even with a hint of doubt I show no signs of slowing.

    It only took a second for my feet to reach the edge,
    And in the air I jump from the ledge.

    A small gasp escapes my once hardened lips,
    As the cold, icy water flows past my hips.

    The last bit of air flows out as I sink in the water’s depth,
    And now I know it is time to become one with death.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.