The Storm

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Wysteria Blue, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member

    The Storm

    There is a storm brewing, it is very deep inside of me.
    I have a tempest raging and battering my heart and soul.
    Blowing sheets of icy rain across my skin…sodden footsteps in my wake.
    My haunting memories and feeling so dark and frigid cold.

    Cold indifference, abuse and heartache fueled this funnel cloud,
    and mixes them with anger, regret and …never ending pain.
    All this bitterness and heartache push me to my outer limits,
    Furious winds pound repeatedly against my beleaguered brain.

    Finally there is a small respite..the seas begin to calm,
    A light shines down as I raise my face to warm it,
    Just a moment of relief, and my spirit starts to rise…
    I think there is a chance again, and want so much to take it,

    But tis merely the eye that passes-an illusion of harmony,
    and I am unprepared for the re-decimation of my core.
    The light is extinguished and into the darkness I will plunge,
    The momentary glimpse of hope is smashed against the shore.

    The only warning that that the storm surge in coming in for me…
    are the crushing nightmares and the bloody tears on my pillow…
    cresting ever higher against the weak defenses I erected,
    I am pounded to the surf once more, even as I pray on bended knee.

    This pattern of brutal cruelty is never ending it seems,
    It continues like the seasons and repeats eternally,
    I have no real solace or cozy shelter from this torrent,
    I must ride the waves as they crest, and ebb repeatedly.

    They say I must live in the moment and see the setting sun.
    But how can I see clearly behind these gloomy fog and mists?
    My eyes are so red and tired as I stand here naked and alone,
    I have no heroes to come rescue me nor will l I even be missed.

    The devastation is complete, there is nothing left standing.
    What used to be so strong and stable, is washed away to sea,
    I am wandering this earthly plane shivering in my acuity,
    My inner battle has been lost for now, and perhaps eternity.

    - mpk 01.15.2013

  2. MWC

    MWC Member

    WOW!! Such a moving piece of poetry!!!
  3. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

    That was both beautiful and bleak, so well written. All storm will pass and we have pieces to pick up. But reach out and look around there are people looking and wanting to help. Let me walk beside you and be your friend, for we shall comfort and assist one another. If one of us should fall over, the other is there to lend a hand, and as we go more shall join us. Then as we unite, stronger we will be.
    Send you my love and comforting arms to bring you piece.
    Know that you are special
    I've just used my 100th post for this and I was waiting for the right place for it.
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