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The story of the scarred Lone Wolf

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The wolf wasn’t a Lone one in the beginning, and had no scars.

He often admired other male wolves for being able to spend weal and woe with their significant other... He wanted that too, but couldn’t do anything about it given his cursed ugly look.

One day he came across a she-wolf. He immediately fell for her... thinking she’s the one. It was love at first sight. They even shared the same interest. A year later, he finally mustered his courage and proposed to her. To his joy, she immediately said “yes”! They then spent their life together happily ever after.

Or not.

After 3 months, they broke up. It was his first time experiencing a heartbreak. He didn’t know what to do, how to react, how to recover... No wolf was there to guide him. He was forced to get back up on his own paws himself as time passes by. When he needed someone to be there for him, no wolves did. But he didn’t regret falling in love though. He only regretted not cherishing it. He even attempted suicide at the edge of a cliff. Though there were wolves that tried to cheer him up and even brought him to their pack... however he eventually left upon realising none of the wolves could give him the comfort he needed. Not even his parents. Scars then began to form on his body...

Depressed, he began his journey as the Lone Wolf. For he only felt comfortable by himself as he stood by himself through tough times, which other wolves failed to.

Just when he least expected it... he came across a she-wolf at a wolf-circle. Curious, he joined. He then took the initiative to howl at her, and she would howl back every now and then. This is how their friendship began. He slowly developed interest for her. Then comes one day when he found out she’s attached, and he left her. More scars appeared on the Lone Wolf’s body. This time, he didn’t felt heartbroken like he used to. Although he did felt sad, but he managed to get over it quickly. He was amazed at his quick recovery...

After some time, he began to miss the she-wolf and looked for her. This time, the Lone Wolf accepted the fact that he isn’t the one for her. He only sees the she-wolf as a friend, and he didn’t want to lose this only friend of his. They then howled at each other like how they used to everyday. He then left the she-wolf once again when he realised she never took the initiative to howl at him... Maybe its because she’s tired of entertaining him. What’s more, he isn’t the wolf that stood by her through tough times. Or maybe because he isn’t her Wolf. Perhaps he is merely another wolf with a similar thought of suicide at a coincidental encounter? The she-wolf doesn’t have any obligations to give a shit about him anyway...

The Lone Wolf, now heavilly filled with scars, continues his journey alone till he reaches heaven where he no longer suffers from all these shit on earth.


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Hi, @the Lone Wolf!
What the scarred lone wolf couldn't see is that all the other wolves have scars, too. But only the corageous ones are not afraid to show them. The other ones hide them pretty well because they fear becoming sitting ducks. So, he thought that the rest were all happy-go-lucky wolves, successful in every possible way, and leading perfect lives.
If he could see that, he would proudly wear his scars like badges earn in the battle of life.
I have posted a video some time ago, but don't remember where. I'll post it here again:
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