The strangest things

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Okay so what is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you.

I have two.

The first is I was hit with a stick when I refused to marry a guy who asked.

The second just happened. I got a used pair of underwear in the mail from some guy I don't even know.

I dunno if I should laugh or throw up. How weird can it get.

Thats kinda sick, iv not had a really weird thing happen, well if i have i dont remember lol me=crap memory lol. Just random people talking to me, and someone who i dont know telling me they 'love' me :blink: lol
Once me and my friends were on excursion and we got stopped by a security guard in the middle of the completely packed food court, to be told that we were TRESPASSING on private property - and that we werent allowed to go to the AFL hall of fame to get a brochure, because THAT was private property too - when we could see another school group being led through. Weirdo. :dry:
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