the stress is 2 much

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  1. keo09

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    am so stressed dont know how much longer i can take of feeling like this my baby sister has just got out of hospital shes been there since she was born shes 7 months know an shes gone in 2 foster care its killing me knowing that it might b a long time b4 i see her i love her so much and just want 2 be with her but i know i cant i just want her 2 be allowed home bk with her real familyy :(
  2. keo09

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    just want 2 end it know theres nothink i can do 2 help me sister an help myself cant go on feeling like this :( :(
  3. wonderer

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    *hugs* I'm glad to hear that your sister got out of the hospital. Obviously I don't know what the issues surrounding this are, but I wish you the best. I know its going to be hard being away from her, but in foster care she will be with people who will look out for her. Being seperated from someone you care about can be really hard, but there will come a time when you can see her again, and your sister will be lucky to have someone in her life who cares about her as much as you do.
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    Do you know how long your sister will be in foster care?? Hopefully she will come home soon..You also need to look out for yourself..Stay strong for her..Come here and keep posting and we will try and help support you..Not much I can say right now because I don't know the circumstances..I wish you all the best..