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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Hazel Morse, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Hazel Morse

    Hazel Morse Well-Known Member

    Please help!

    I cannot bring myself to do something important for my future in the next few hours because I'm a coward, but at the same time I'm in the most perfect situation to end everything and make a statement.

    What can I do? I'm crying too much to approach the one person I need on my side to move forward with life, but I'm scared to approach her before it's too late. This is my principal, she promised to be my referee but wouldn't commit to anything definite. I've been trying to approach her to get her to say she will definitely help me and when I can contact her, but she just keeps being vague.

    I'm afraid if I approach her now she'll be annoyed and not give me the reference. But then I'll feel like killing myself if I fail to approach her.
  2. mpk

    mpk Well-Known Member

    Hazel, break down the problem and tackle it in small pieces. If you can't the person who can help you to work with you find another alternative. Advocate for yourself with who ever you need to.
  3. Brian777

    Brian777 Safety and Support SF Artist SF Supporter

    Hazel, I understand how you feel, it's difficult to go against the grain. But in this situation you need to bite the bullet and aproach this person, if she's the one that can help you. Five weeks ago I had to do the most scary thing in my life by checking into me that terrified me....especially the humiliation and embarrassment of being addicted to my pain medication. Take some deep breaths and face the fear Hazel, get it over with and get some help for your situation.
    Sending positive thoughts my friend, you can do this
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