The Struggle

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  1. Almost_There

    Almost_There Active Member

    The meaning and threads of my story coming to a close, so little time, no more soul to tell..

    The Struggle

    Im sorry to bother
    I dont want to smother
    you with my promblems
    although its urgent I solve them

    Leading to death
    everything I do
    I am such a waste
    lies in life is all I knew

    So how do I find
    myself with a disgracefull past?
    Or even love myself?
    This I wonder, in my chair I sat

    Im tired of bleeding
    so tired of my shame
    for everything I've done
    and yet im told myself I'm not to hate?

    but this challenge, this struggle
    I keep finding so hard
    looking on the inside
    because my outside is so scarred

    No honor, love was lost
    with the help of the world
    to tell me I am worthless
    just a nothing, soiled worm

    So I sit alone
    thinking of my quest
    to unravel the maze
    that resides in my head

    Do I lose hope
    or fight threw this pain?
    I just cant see the end
    of this fight making me insane

    The only end I can think
    is that of death
    wont trouble anyone anymore
    on the world I would have left

    but I know I'm not helping
    myself nor you with this
    I just need an answer..
    A peaceful mind is what I miss

    "Keep fighting" I hear
    you as if by my side
    "Your not alone"
    I know this as I cry

    For I am not only failing myself
    I know I am failing you
    you put faith in me
    that faith I hope not to lose

    but I see it slipping away
    as if made by sand
    but Im losing this battle
    im faultering my stand..

    As always,
    Im sorry for wasting your time
    as I pull down my sleeve
    my scars, my pain, go away to hide...

    Until next time friend
    that I hope we talk
    just know im hard
    trying to find my heart...
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    the struggle withing it is a good write a good description of how so many of us feel. I am glad you have someone to hold onto and that cares. There is help with therapy on letting go of the past. take care okay
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