The Stupidity of Believing in Good Things...

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    Some of the time I remember to reality check myself, but sometimes I let hope carry me away and start believing in good things. Start believing that maybe just maybe the universe will shift and I can have this or do that - that something can change. That it MIGHT change. And when the reality check is handed to me by someone or something else it hurts more. The sudden cold after having felt momentarily warm is somehow more painful.

    I am unsure how I continue to be so stupid. How I have not learnt yet. A good day is always followed by a shittier day. A success at work is always followed by a bigger failure. Each and every thing that is good in life is followed by a bigger or more severe problem. Unfailingly.

    There is a song that is speaking to me today "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked. That about sums it up. Those good things that people get, that make people happy and successful... that isn't for me. I'm not that girl.

    "Don't dream too far - don't lose sight of who you are." Yep.

    Or to put it another way - just STOP being so fucking STUPID. Accept your lot. Stop hoping for better. Stop BELIEVING in things that can't be real.
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  2. soulreaper

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    maybe you just a big dreamer, nothing wrong with that. I does suck when are dreams are fought with disappointment. maybe have smaller dreams more manageable dreams. dreams that can actually be met. idk. good things do happen, as hard as it is try not to focus on the bad (I'm guilty of this too). somethings do change, some things never change.
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    I don't think you are stupid for believing good things. Believing in something gives you hope, and hope is something you need to get better. Yes, the things you believe in may not be achievable now, but that doesn't mean to say that they are not achievable in the future. Unfortunately where recovery from depression is concerned, there will be good days, and there will be some god damn awful days. But it's the good days we lives for and they will eventually become more frequent than the shitty days. You've come a long way Lu, don't forget that and don't forget to be proud of yourself for all the amazing things you have achieved in the past couple of years :hug:
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    It is important to believe in good things, but know that the bad may very well outweigh the good. I remember reading a book called 'Man's Search for Meaning' by Victor Frankl. He was a survivor of the concentration camps. He advised people to find just one thing they liked, that they looked forward to, just one thing. Then build on that. I know that sometimes its almost impossible to find just one thing, but Lu, I know you can. And I know you can keep going. You are to SMART and to stubborn to give up.