The Sweet Scent of Pink

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    Dark eyes,
    soft sloe gaze,
    a face that's made for sin.

    Angel's wings,
    now spread wide,
    I taste all within.

    Sweet scent
    of her lust,
    that's overtaking me--

    I am lost
    in her flesh--
    I fall to my knees.

    Twined together
    in the dark,
    I delve into her core.

    Gasping, moaning,
    I kiss her lips--
    as she cries for more.

    Fingers, toes,
    sucked and kissed,
    we melt into one.

    At the end
    spent and sore,
    we sleep in morning sun.

    This is one I entered into a contest to win $50 and get published in a book, so I figured I'd share here. If it's too much, or if the mods think it will trigger someone, let me know, and I'll take it down.
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    Wo o ah.
    I think I had a tiny orgasm.
    Wolfie? You really don't need me to corrupt you.
    You'll do fine... And you have no right no whistle when I talk sensitive....*lol* *hugs*
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    lol Only a tiny one? Hmm...may have to refine this...Glad you enjoyed it. Let's see if I win that contest.
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    Lol, I love this just based on the title alone. May be too risque for this site, but you have a good chance at winning.
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