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The Tao

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i didnt know of a better place to post this so here it will go..

okay, so i've been studying taoism for some time now but i don't really understand it. i haven't yet experienced the Tao, and don't know if i will. it shows not to stick, and to not worry. it's very happy, but i dont know if it's even possible anymore, in america. if i really was enlightened with the Tao, i wouldnt be at this website, wouldnt use a computer, wouldnt be in school, and i would be a lot happier. does anyone know if the Tao is possible? it seems very likely, but it could just be another philosophical theory, fro one perspective. that would sadden me. i want the Tao, therefore i cannot have the Tao. explaining it in words is damn near impossible, i've learned, but reading zhuang tzu should make it more easily understandable, even though it doesnt suggest understanding, but suggests "unlearning". what do you guys know about the Tao?


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Well, I've dabbled in the I Ching, which is full of Tzu's wisdom (though somewhat engimatic).

Can't say I mastered it's full import, but there is much to learn from his sayings.

I'd suggest, keep on with it and google for any bits you don't understand.


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i've never read the i ching. it's about yin and yang, right? i'm currently reading the complete idiots guide to taoism (because i am an idiot:tongue: ), but when i finish i will check it out


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I study the TaoDeJing as well...I hope each time to be a little more confused, as it means I am leaving the space I have kept way too precious for years and moving into a place where I have to question it all. My favorite chapter now is: Cultivate Harmony
Cultivate harmony within yourself, and harmony becomes real;
Cultivate harmony within your family, and harmony becomes fertile;
Cultivate harmony within your community, and harmony becomes abundant;
Cultivate harmony within your culture, and harmony becomes enduring;
Cultivate harmony within the world, and harmony becomes ubiquitous.

Live with a person to understand that person;
Live with a family to understand that family;
Live with a community to understand that community;
Live with a culture to understand that culture;
Live with the world to understand the world.

How can I live with the world?
By accepting.

It sometimes seems so overwhelming to be in a place where I can begin to feel such acceptance and emptiness/groundlessness...but I try...thanks for sharing...maybe being at SF is dharma working for both the self and others..HH The Dali Lama in his Nobel Peace Prize speech talks about why there is suffering...it does put another spin on what we are doing here...thanks again, Jackie


even though it doesnt suggest understanding, but suggests "unlearning"
I've never studied Taoism specifically, but I've been interested in the teachings of the Buddha for a while. I'm pretty sure that by 'unlearning' he means to let go of all your pre-conceived notions of reality, abandon all the projections originating from your own side to allow a clear vision of reality. This is especially important when interacting with other people: you need to "remove" yourself and see everything from the other person's point of view as they're experiencing life. So 'unlearn' any habitual projections you have towards others, then you'll be able to operate from a spontaneous, compassionate creativity; instead of blind habitual reactions.

Most important thing though is to always be training in daily life. The truth is always true, it doesn't become false for even 1 second, so if your into Tao then train in Tao every moment of your life.


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oh i do.. but i still dont understand how one unlearns... i will try the breathing thing to get rid of my thoughts....
We touched on Taoism when I was studying Buddhism about 4 years ago. I know very little about it, but what I know about it is... There is no God, tao is a force within your self, a path of life where you understand or harmonise with everything and our five vital organs represent 5 parts of the globe (I think..); Earth, Fire, Water, Wood & Metal. I could be wrong there, I remember very little about it.

I think it is possible, it has to be possible because there's people out there who live life through taoism (I'm not sure how you put that in a sentence, 'live the path of taoism' or 'believe in taoism'.. probably both?). But just like any other religion out there (Is taoism a religion? sorry, I can't remember much :(), you need to BELIEVE because without belief it will be difficult. Maybe as time goes on and as you learn more about it you will start to feel like you 'fit in' with taoism and you'll start to believe it can happen.
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I do think that the principles of the universe are akin to the paradoxical teachings of the Tao. I think it complements what we have learned in recent manifestations of civlization. We are learning the complexities of how things work, but the underlying principles are the same. There is a mathematical precision to the way things function. I liken it to a well-balanced equation.

This site has some interesting information regarding the Tao and I Ching, if you find the right node, don't remember where it is.



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Taoism.. is that like the thing were you believe that everything should be left alone? that nature and stuff should just be left in place and that everything happens for a reason and nothing really cahnges? or something like that?

Like when a branch falls from a tree it doesnt wreck the tree, it just makes a home for insects and things just keep moving around it? Ohh i dno what im saying Lol.. its the the Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden =) take care all


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allo, i think you got it, except the part about everything happening for a reason. everything happens for no reason, is one basic principle that i've learned from Alan Watts. there isn't really a point to anything, except what we make. there's no point in continuing the human race, but it's fun i guess, and that's why we do it. i like the Dao b/c it shows you to just slow down, relax, and enjoy.
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