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**The term 'love'**

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The term 'love' what's it mean?

You can love someone and then you can be IN love

In my opinion the term 'love' is used far too widely in general.

Do people not stop to think how much love hurts?

Imagine having someone say for months that they we're in love with you and just as you start to admit what feelings you have for them, falling in love with them they turn around and said that they don't think their in love with you, that would hurt pretty bad right?

I mean do people never stop to think that it might hurt to hear that? Obviously not. It must be like having your heart ripped out.

Imagine asking the person over and over again if their sure their in love with you and everytime they say yes and then have them turn round and say they don't, that would hurt right?

What I'm trying to show is that people should really get their feelings straight before f*cking about with other peoples feelings.

I was caught up in a situation on here where a girl told a guy she loved him, even told me she was falling in love with him and then turned round and said she didn't and was 'in love' with 2 other people ....... well actually one now but whatever. But I saw how low she made him feel and believe me its not nice and I comepletly understand what he was put thru, no wonder he felt like killing himself, I spent so many hours trying to get him back on track and now I have absolutely no contact with him and I'm really worried.

You guys think its use too widely?? How would you feel if the above happened to you?
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Yeah... coud imagine it would hurt. What if you had someone you were so close to, someone you spent most of your days with for two years, someone who could make you feel happiness in what seemed like an endless pit of despair. Where you still remember precisesly the moment you both exchanged the words i love you... for neraly two years exchanged those words only to have it all belittled and trivialised by how quickly you were forgotten... how quickly you were replaced... sorry i should shut up, just stop moaning... get over it perhaps. I guess love can hurt a lot though and different people are affected in different ways and it can take longer for some peope to get over the pain... good luck to anyone who wants it in love, even though it will inevitably end in loss...
You're right hun, it can be used too widely, and I'm sorry that happened to you :( :hug: :hug: :hug: However there are people who don't say it unless they really mean it, as well. But sometimes people just don't know whiat they're feeling, either.
I wish I could say something to make it hurt less :( Just know, I guess, that as well as hurting you worse than just about anything else - it can also be the happiest thing that's ever happened to you. Just maybe with a different person :hug:
The thing is Lauren what if at the time they say they meant it? said they really was in love with you over and over again but suddenly turn around and say they aren't, that would hurt like hell. Even said they knew what they felt and they wasn't confused.

What if they was all you thought about? dreamed about?

Start to get deep feelings for them but then get hurt like that.

What if their the only reason your still alive today? what point is there in carrying on, I certainly see no point.

But they use the love you have for them as blackmail to stop you doing something that they had a part in causing.

I dunno if I could ever forgive someone for doing that, as much as I'd want to, that hurt they put me thru would allways be there.

I've felt hurt like that before but in a friendship way but know this is just too much, I swore I would never let myself get hurt like that again because it liturally nearly killed me but I put my trust in someone I really care about and yet I still end up getting hurt. what hope is there?

I've seriously been put of ever getting feelings like that again for someone, so *thank you* *thank you VERY much*

Just wish people would think before f*cking about with people feelings like that, I feel I have nothing to live for anymore and like my heart has been taken out and rip to shreds, but hey what's it matter anyway! they didn't give a f*ck why should i


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Love is a two-edged sword...it hurts both ways...

I'm sorry...I guess I should say more, but I just want to say that it does hurt...not that I've ever really felt it, but I can tell how much pain it must cause...I hope you can help your friend.
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