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The Thank You Thread.

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Is there anybody on this board who you've felt has really helped you, who you would love to tell how much they mean to you.

Post your thank you's here, it doesn't have to be a poster who's even still here just thank them anyway.

I'll start:

Thank you Shellz for being a great friend and being my secret post number competition.

Thank you SUS for putting up with me stealing your marshmellow pizza. :tongue:

Thank you Gentlelady for always being kind and helping not only me but alot of posters.

Thank you Devastated for having a great sense of humour and asking if some boys were flies. :biggrin:

Thank you Leavemealone for letting me tie you up and letting me be the real winner on your thread.

Thank you Jas for protecting me from the invading evil spiders.

I'll add more later.


Thank you Tearsalone for always being here and giving me somebody to talk to

Thank you iusetosmile for being you. And for the memorie of us making fetticinni as that same time and talking on MSN with me

Thank you Jas for always being there for me. Thank you so much for never giving up on me


The biggest loser ever to live.
I'm afraid I really don't know anyone here even after being here so long, I hope people could thank me for whatever help I've been able to give?

I want to thank anyone here that has replied to my threads and taken the time to read what I have wrote, thank you.

I also want to thank my parents for having and still putting up with my depression and all the crap I dish out, I feel that if I was them, I'd already disown me or kick me out of the house, they have the patience of saints.


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Like Vikki, if I said thank you to everyone here that has helped me it wouldnt fit in one post. But to name those who really stick out;

Xybill, he has been my life support, without him I could not have gotten this far through this and this guy is one that i would do anything for, he's the best friend a person could have :hug:

Sn0dig, hes always one to get me smiling again.

Insignificant/Rhino/Liz, for trusting me and believing in me, for giving me the time of day and not letting anything she heard change the way she spoke to me.

Carolyn/painninsolence, for always being there when I needed someone.

Vikki, for pushing through the hard times, shes a role model and someone I admire for all she has come through.

LeaveMeAlone/Matt, for being there and giving me someone to talk to when I find it hard to let it out.

One who listens.. For always giving me an ear, and putting his trust in me.

Raiden, for being a great friend and always making me smile.

Oh boy i can think of at least 10 more but it will take me forever so ill leave it at that. Thank you to everyone on SF, you guys have done so much for me and given me a place to call home =) I feel so Honored to have had the opportunities to speak to you all =)

:hug: thank you EVERYONE!
Thanks to Ally, that means so much to me. I admire you ALOT, you have no idea how much i respect and care for you. Your so mature for your age and i loves ya to bits. You've helped me so much, more than your'll ever know!! yeah so im pretty crap with words right now, but i care for with all my heart and all i can say is i love you and thank you so much. :hug: :cheekkiss
:hug: well for starters i want to thank every one on here... because you are all awsome and i knwo that you are there for me when i want to talk.
but a special thanx to Katie (tears alone) lol. i dont think that she knows, when she was stealing MY marshmellow pizza she was saving me with out knowing it.
Before i came on here that night i was seriously feeling like crap and i didnt want to live anymore, usually when i feel like that i ask for help but that night i wasnt going to... so i came on here to say good-bye to every one, but got stuck in the coffie house with Katie! who REALLY took my mind off things with out trying :) I think you saved me Katie :) :thanks: :hug:


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to say thank you to some of the people here...

the staff if anything, and well to TDM, FAL1 (great poet), Resistance, Carolyn, Bunny, Robin, and many more... i cant remember everyone so well you know

if anything you all should give yourselves hugs for being wonderful and a continuing support to yourself and others...

Sa Palomera

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I wanna say thank you to everyone for being the great persons you are. But most specially to:

Matt: thank you for giving me something to live for with Shooru as well as being my friend and always being there for me. Showing that you care and that I AM worth living. Thank you so much.

Vikki: thank you for always being there for me, even if I triggered you and also sorry for triggering you as much as I did/do. I love waking up on Skype with you. I love hearing your giggle when I'm getting pissed at games again and I love how you're always so sweet and compassionate. Thank you.

Terry: thank you so much for always being there for me as well. For your sense of humour and for all the good advices you got for me. Thank you for listening to me when I needed to talk and thank you for giving me advice when I asked for it. Thank you so much for being you.

Blub: thank you for your calls and texts even if I didnt know what to say to you, you would call me or text me or message me. Thank you so much for that. And I'm truly sorry for not being there for you the way I should lately. I'm really sorry for that. But please let me be there for you from now on. I care for you heaps. and everyday I look at the necklace and think of you. I miss you :hug:

Carolyn: Thank you for always making me laugh on msn and skype. You are one of a kind and you should value yourself as much as others do. I care for you a whole lot and I'm thankful to have gotten to know you. Thank you for everything.

Robin: Firstly thank you for setting up SuicideForum. It helped a whole lot of people. And secondly thank you for being my friend. I'm lucky to have you amongst my little group of friends. I care about you a lot and I am sending you LOADS of virtual hugs :hug: Hopefully one day I can trade them for real hugs :wink: Thank you for everything.

Wendy: thank you for being the lovely and caring and compassionate woman you are. You make SF an even better place to be with all the love you have to give to everyone. Thank you for being there for me and for offering help and advice and a listening ear. Thank you.

Corrina Thank you for always being there, even when you're going through hard times yourself. You know I care about you a WHOLE LOT and I wish I could be there for you more than I am now. I'm sorry for not being able to do anything for you apart from listening to you and sending you virtual hugs. Thank you for everything :hug: :hug: :hug:

John Thank you for always putting your sense of humour into conversations and thank you for always being there for everyone. I'm sorry we didnt have a chance to talk much (yet), but I really wanna be there for you too. Am looking forward to getting to know you better. Thank you for being you. :hug: :hug: :hug:
Okies now i have some time, think i should write out some thank you's:

Ester - Hun you have NO idea how much you've helped me over the past few months. Your allways there when im feeling down and even when i think im hiding it from people you in particular you, most of the time you check im allright even when you don't have to. But it means alot that you actually do. I love waking up on skype with you, makes me happy for most of the day hehe and hearing you giggle over nothing or getting angry with the games lol. You mean ALOT to me and im so glad to of got to know you like i have. With all my heart thank you darling xxx

John - You have no idea how much you've helped me over the past few months. Your proberbly the person who understand the way i think the best. I respect what you say alot, sometimes i might not show it but deep down i know your right. I love talking to you, you make me so happy and your able to bring me out of a bad mood very easily. So thank you for everything.

Matt - I have enjoy every minute i talk to you, im glad our friendship got to this stage. I love being able to talk to you on msn and on skype. You make me smile alot especially the way you woke Ester up on skype earlier!! lmao that was SOOO funny!! and if you reset the highscores im not gonna be very happy lol. Here for you allways x

Terry - I love being able to talk to you. You crack me up so damn much!!!! i LOVE talking on skype. Your a great person and i love ya to bits. You've got a great sense of humour and i love it! Here for ya allways x

Carolyn - I love ya to bits hun, you mean so much. I care about you alot. I hope your doing ok as i haven't seen you around in ages. Love ya hun x

Okies so im tired now and i can't be bothered to write anymore right now. Will do some more later.

Basically thanks so all the Skype crew and everyone at SF.
Theres no way that Im gonna be able to do every single person, so I really apoligise if I dont mention you.

roo-ee - Yup, we havent really spoken *that* much recently, but still I think I owe you a :poke: and a thanks for all the times you've kept me distracted lol. :hug:

Sheep - also another person I havent seen in a long long time... a very belated thanks to you too hun haha. And yes, I will say hun, I dont care what you say. =P

cj - Gosh its been ages again.. I know you arent having the bestest of times but I really really hope you're doing ok. :hug:

And lastly, to everyone I have ever spoken to or anyone thats ever helped me out, thanks guys :hug:

Also a big big big big thankyou to all the staff of SF that keep this site running. :)



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a big thank you and big hugs for ALL my friends here!:smile: You saved my life when I was ready to give it up.:sad:

love to you all, you have my undying trust!:smile:

Eh you, stop thanking me. I don't need thanking for saying the truth. Your a great person, its about time you started seeing that for yourself. Love ya x


a big Thanks to everyone here, you've helped me through my recent nightmare :) thanks especially to FAL, FenderAddict, Immure and GentleLady, and to Robin for his insight which i failed to see until the last minute :)

:grouphug: you're all wonderful!
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