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The Thank You Thread.

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Come on head, think, think...

Firstly, to moonstar89, for dragging me here in the first place! :tongue:

Next, to the person here who is known as Scum (although we all know that this does not suit her at all, nah-uh) because, well, have you seen how much encouragement and comfort there is in these forums coming from she-who-wrongly-bears-that-name?

Onto the 'Friends' (i.e. The people I want to thank for just being friends :laugh: ) in alphabetical screename order (to avoid fights, etc):

~Nobody~, Abacus21, Anonymous Dude, beautifuloblivion, birdy, Bright Star, Broken Product, bunny, Carolyn, Cogito Ergo Doleo, Cyanide Man, Death71, DeathMiAmore, Edicius si Evol, emma-******, gentlelady, Just_a_guy, K34nu, Kanani79, kindtosnails, Lost Disciple, Magpie, moonstar89, Nakur, peanut0017, Raiden, resistance, richenstony, rp2, sarahg, Scum, seeking happiness, SevenStorySelf, Shauna Lea, SmilePretty, Somombo, Terry, thedeafmusician, theleastofthese, The_Discarded, TinkerLoop, TiredAndAlone, vbuk, ybt, Ze'ev-Hayalim...
And anyone else I may have accidentally missed!​

You've all helped me or made me think, be that on the boards, chat, Skype or whatever!

So thanks :grouphug:
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FoReVeR LoSt

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thank you to ester for being there for me :hug:

thank you vikki for caring

thank you to everyone here that i talk to and to those who i don't talk to, thank you :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Sa Palomera

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aww thank you for thanking me Sammie! That put a huge smile on my face!

Also Thank you Gentlelady for everything :hug:

and of course, thank you Samy for everything :hug:

actually I wanna thank each and everyone here, for supporting me and for supporting each other, for building this community all together.

Thank You All!!!


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Thank-you, _____ ! I doubt you'll ever read this...All the better for me~ :bleh:
You have no idea how much I appreciate you! All those late nights on the computer really meant a lot to me~ :hug:


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Thank you Resistance for cheering me up, making me laugh and smile, being there for me and helping me in the last few days, as well as everything else, It really means alot to me. :hug:
You're more than welcome, Nuri. :) Thank you for giving me your friendship and for making me laugh and smile more these past few days than I have done in a loong while. You're a great person, and I'm really glad to have met you. :hug:

It's hard for me to pick people, because I've met so many lovely people on here, but out of everyone, special thanks goes to Robin, gentlelady, rainsoakedangel, kindtosnails, thedeafmusician, Jenny, bunny, theleastofthese, abacus21, Terry, allofme, Hazel, Sadeyes, 'Scum' (i really don't like calling you that :(), ari, Jodi, JohnADreams, Spikey, letdown, sarahg and last but certainly not least, Nuri. :)

I know I've missed people out and no offense intended. :hug: Seriously you're all great people, thank you all. :hug: :hug: :hug:
MASSIVE thank you's to...

Vikki, Amy, Scum, Ester, Terry, Grant, My doctor ( :tongue: ), Clare, Beret, and many other people i have probably forgotten, for putting up with me for so long :hug:


lots of people. scum,vikki,sarahg,terry,i miss you, rainsoakedtears, nakur and everyone else ( bad memory especailly of names). you are all amazing. very amazing :) :hug:
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