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The Thank You Thread.

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This is probably gonna be quite long because I haven't posted on this thread at all.

Well, first, thanks to Sammie (if others can use bold, so can I, and these people deserve it) for being a wonderful friend, especially on Wednesday night, and for telling me last night about the US not operating by the gold standard. I did not know that, and for a trivia collector such as myself, it was most interesting. And I saw your post about the phone bill. Free minutes, remember? Even if it was almost two hours on my kitchen table :laugh:

Thanks go to Robin and Chris (even tho Chris doesn't come on here atm, he might someday lol) for your wonderful insight via text and IM :)

Thanks to Liam and Manjit for listening to me rant on sometimes, and for offering advice and help.

Big thanks also to Fee and Sven for being my friends and making me smile (even if, Sven, you do say on occasion "Hey! Isn't that something lying behind you that you need to pick up?!" I'm wise to it. It's not going to work :tongue: ), and to Robbiati, even though I don't know if we've actually managed to have a proper conversation without having some messages not sent until the next day - oh, the crapness of Skype.

And finally, last of the individual mentions but by NO means least, the hugest thanks go to Joe (well, of course :tongue: ) for basically sticking by me through all of the shit that has been going on lately and which you have borne the brunt of. It means a hell of a lot :hug:

- Finally, thanks to those people who make chat so fun...Joshy, Bob, Eva, Kells, Jess, Esko and Emma (hope to see you back and feeling better soon :) ).


I'm really drunk so I hope this makes sense but I'm sure it's just gonna sound like drunken rambling.

I'd like to start off by saying Thank you Insignificant for your endless caring and compassion and I'm sorry if I added to your troubles. You're an awesome person so don't sell yourself short.

Thank you Scum for helping me when no one else cared. I'm kinda glad you left SF because at least you've stopped calling yourself "scum".

Thank you Lady E for your time and patience. You were the first person I met on this forum.

Jcat, I hope things continue to look up for you. Take care of yourelf :hug:

Thank you Peanut and Gabelle. I know you only had good intentions and were trying to help.

Thank you Terry. You deserve a nomination for sainthood.

Thank you run4fun. Your very sweet and I hope things work out for you.

Thank you Kill Me Please for always being there for me. I love you even if you don't feel the same. I hope you find someone who really "makes your heart sink" someday.

To anyone I have forgotten, I'm sorry.


Okay, the people who know about this might be surprised that I'm going to say this, considering how hurt I was due to what occured a few months ago, yet, here it goes:

Thank you to Cynthia, for breaking up with me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to meet and develop my relationship with my sweetie, AoM.
sarahg for talking to me and calming me down
kurt (fenderaddict) for really talking me down and making sure that i was okay
robin for telling me that i am a good friend and that i actually do matter to someone
danni for caring about me

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
Thank you Robin (Robin) for starting this site and for being my friend.

Thank you Vikki (- vikki -) for the great times we used to have, a shame we don't get to talk much anymore. I still care for you though.

Thank you Matt (MJ) for all our great talks on skype and MSN we used to have every day/night. I still remember our very first MSN conversation like yesterday. You have a special place in my heart, Matt. I love you.

Thank you Terry, John, Blubs, Kells (Terry, JohnADreams, Blub, Kanani79) for all those great skype convos. For talking to me at my worst. John for your views on the way things went, Terry for calming me down at bad times, Blubs, for calling and texting when I was in a state. Kells for all the fun and serious talks we used to have in chat. And of course all four of you for the fun we used to have back in the days :laugh:

Thank you Samy (myscars) for the great time we had when we still were together. I love you dearly, eventhough we don't talk as much anymore as we used to. I do miss having fun with you and watching movies 'together' and going to sleep 'together' on skype and all that.

Thank you Alex (wienerman) for all the great talks we used to have on skype and MSN and in chat. I still think about you a lot, wonder how you're doing, wonder if you ever still check in here. I even wrote you a letter once, after everything, but I never found the courage to actually send it to you. I miss you.

Thank you Rae, Jess, Alex (The_Discarded, That_One_Girl, ybt)
For being my friends, for caring, for sharing. Love all 3 of you loads. Teh Est wubs Ted, CB&FS and yAlex :wub:

Thanks Sven (LoD) for meeting me all those times, for coming over here, for letting me come over to yours, for going to the movies with me, for giving me hugs and friendship irl.

Thank you Esko (just_a_guy) for being you. Esko :cry: :dry: :wub: :wink:

Thank you Fee (Magpie) for telling me all the interesting stuff and answering all my questions as honest as you do, and also thank you for letting my cleavage wub yours :wub: :laugh:

Thank you to everyone else who's ever taken time to talk to me, to support me, or just to have fun with me. Isa, castyles, fooo, fenderaddict, Broken Product, Jacque, h2osmack, RainbowChaser, Abacus21, moonstar89, Nuri, ..sam.. , syiah, Nakur, on my own, blahster, Resistance, bunny, Malcontent, thedeafmusician and anyone else whom I might have forgotten.

Thank you everyone :grouphug:


Thank U GOD for giving us this rain storm. I was just melting the last month.

And thank u for the good light show and all the thunder. WOW what a racket.

Almost an hour now of rummblings. the temp dropped from +32c to +22C in an hour, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally I can sleep
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