The thought bothered me...

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by ScorchedInBlack, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. ScorchedInBlack

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    The thought of me ever being anything but straight bothered me but here i sit in love with a girl off of sf who's name will remain anonymous..
    if you read this I love you sweetheart.

    but I kind of have a problem
    no one else know's that I'm bi.
    my parents, friends, counslers no one...
    other than this special person.

    my parents suck and are really abusive
    and I was talking to her on the phone
    that i stole from them last night
    and they walked in my bedroom
    and the rest is history

    it really hurts her that I stay with my parents but
    I do it out of my love for her

    it's really weird because i never thought I would fall
    in love with another girl but it has happened
    she means alot to me and our relationship takes and is taking
    alot of work from both sides...

    I don't know about coming out or how to deal with anything
    any advice?
  2. Blackness

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    Do your parents really need to know?
  3. ScorchedInBlack

    ScorchedInBlack Active Member

    no not really but it would be nice not to have to hide my feelings for her.