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The Three Pleasures of Existence

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The first two are easy:

1. Sex
2. Food (also known as pizza)

But the third...that depends on the individual. For you, what is the Third Pleasure of Existence?

Well you can X sex! Turns out that's not universal.
I'd say #1 for me is music.
#2 is a category that does include pizza and other assorted aesthetic things not necessarily food.
#3 sharing thought with... but...
...one who is so elusive we'll likely never meet again...

The three above not in any particular order.
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Waitering for Godot
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Well you can X sex! Turns out that's not universal.
I'd say #1 for me is music
I have to agree with you there...I can easily be content and enjoy life without sex (and that includes, erm...self-pleasuring 😁).

But life without music? Nope.. might as well roll out the shroud..

#3 For me would be untrammeled and unspoiled wilderness.
The book on spirituality that I'm reading now is recommending (at least for professional spiritual seekers)

1. Complete withdrawal from sensory pleasure
2. Cessation of all thoughts
3. Annihilation of the ego

Not recommending this to anyone, it's just an interesting contrast.
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