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The time has come it never gets any better...

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Recently I said I was near the end and was anyway at the end so to speak but now I know definitely that I am.I want to be left in fuckin peace no more existance and all this shit it doesn't get any better that is the reality it either gets worse or stay the same who are people trying to kid?
It's easy for people to have this external view and have such simplified answers to everything,well fuck it all I cant be fucked with shit I never wanted to be born in this shit world with this fuckin screwed up head.I don't care If I sound like Im whineing because to me I'm not that's how much I value this fuckin life.
People say shit like think of this and that yes I do and does it make me feel better?and for how long if it was as fuckin simple as that I'd be changing everything like flicking a light switch.Seriously what is it good breathing for fuck sake if you cant be sane or stable at least and either of those I'm not and never will be.
Hoo fuckin ray to this shit planet whatever it is goodbye all I hope you guys all get so much better and have any deserved luck at all I'm not fuckin hanging around to go on for fuckin nothing.


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Ace please go see a doctor or have yourself admitted to hospital. You need help and you need it now!!!

When you feel like this you can't make rational decisions or see a way out, so please get your self to someone or somewhere that will keep you safe till this passes.
I agree ace. When the feelings are this intense there is no way you can think clearly. The thoughts cloud your mind and take over. Please do what you need to do in order to stay safe.


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Fuck it all Im out of this shit hole of a world and wrapped about it,I dont want sympathy just peace and I'm going to get it.
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