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The time I most dread..

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So it's 3:18am. This is the time I most dread. I'm scared to get off my computer, to be alone. I know what I do when i'm alone. I drink, or I overdose. I don't want to do either but I just don't trust myself at the moment. I took an overdose at this time 2 days ago, and in the last week i've been drunk 4 times. I don't think my liver can take much more anymore. The thing is I know i'll be okay if I can just sleep, which I might be able to do it I get off here. But what if I can't? I'm fed up of feeling this alone, and not being able to control myself and what I do. I can tell myself now I don't want to overdose or drink, but it's so different when I can't sleep.

On top of it all it's boiling hot. I doubt i'll sleep because of that. I just want this to end. I need something that makes me sleep. :/


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I too am up at this ungodly hour, mainly due to wicked insomnia :insomnia:
Try what I do, I lie down and try to sleep, if I don't nod off, I go back on my comp and try again an hour to half an hour later.
I do this till I finally just drop off.
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